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Because I’m All About That Bond! (5/6/17)

It’s not every day that someone offers you $1.93 million in free money!  But that’s just what happened to our schools. Tillamook School District has been offered $1.93 million (and maybe as much as $4 million) in state matched money for school facility improvements and maintenance needs. To access the money, we must match the funds by voting yes for the school bond on the May ballot.

I’ve worked with several non-profits and community organizations over the years, but I’ve never seen an offer like this before. And the timing is great. Tillamook Schools have a growing list of maintenance issues that need to be addressed. This funding will allow the schools to save money in the long run too by saving on energy costs and repair work on things like failing roofs and outdated heating systems.  We can’t afford to turn down these funds!

Pictures, videos, and information about the school bond are on the GR8 Tillamook Schools Facebook page and website, but not everyone has access to the web. I encourage you to take a moment and share the school bond information with a loved one who may not have access to online information. Show them pictures of our schools and let them know why passing the bond matters to you! Vote YES for Tillamook Schools!

Nikki Brown

Merrianne Hoffman for Tillamook County Transportation (5/4/17)

I was a little surprised when I saw who was running for the Tillamook County Transportation Board Position #5. I was on the board of that organization when it chose not to renew the former manager’s contract.

I have stayed in touch with District employees, kept up with the activities of board members and been watching the District’s progress since that time.  I have witnessed the District manage its money, work constructively with its employees and partner members in the community, increase services and improve steadily under the current manager.

To keep the Wave rolling smoothly, I would encourage you to join me in voting for Merrianne Hoffman for Position#5. Merrianne is already involved in the District and has the skills and knowledge necessary to be an effective board member.  She’s currently in her 4th year on the TCTD budget committee.  Merrianne also participated on the District’s “Long-range Transit Development Plan’s Transportation Planning Advisory Committee.

Finally, she is from Pacific City, which is consistent with the District’s goal to increase south county participation.  She served as the Pacific City-Nestucca Valley Chamber President for almost 4 years, has been a member of the Cape Kiwanda Master Plan Planning Advisory Committee, and has been organizing the Dory Days and Birding & Blues events the past 3 to 4 years.

Vote Merrianne Hoffman to Catch the Wave for a successful ride.

Chris Kell

Tillamook, OR




To the Editor,
I wish to encourage my fellow citizens to support two of the foundations of our community: our public schools and our public library. They represent basic equality and access to success for all of our citizens. The tax dollars we are asked to OK are basically continuation of our current commitments to these institutions. We must take care of our public school buildings, and this extension bond could leverage twice the dollars we provide locally. It is a potential windfall for us all.

Laurie Lamb