Reply to Manzanita Letter to the Community

In reading this community letter (from June 20, 2019, I was puzzled as to why I was not even made aware that it was being developed nor given a chance to also sign it as a member of the Public Facilities Advisory Committee. I found nothing that I disagreed with in its message and I also want a facility that is “safe, secure and demonstrates our community’s pride in its citizenship”.

The author, by making sure that my name did not appear as a signatory on the letter could attempt to make the desired political point that my views were out of step with the majority membership and therefore not worthy of further consideration. It was a clumsy attempt to once again avoid answering the questions that I have raised but should give some solace to those who desperately want to believe and support the questionable decision making of our City officials.
My transgression in this matter is having an opinion that wishes citizens to have more choices in our City Hall design process at a cost that is equitable for all of us that will have to foot the bill. This is at odds with what the Mayor and City Council desire and the fact that I dared to be so vocal about it caused further hand wringing. My original sin was compounded when I stumbled upon the fiscal mismanagement of City water revenues and again embarrassed our City officials by disclosing it at the June 5th City Council meeting. You can read more about this matter at
I would point out that Leila Salmon was a City Councilor during the City’s acquisition of the Underhill property. Peter Nunn served as a very knowledgeable resource and advocate of the emergency response component of the project but as a non resident of Manzanita will bear no cost in the construction of this facility. Connie Soper as the representative for the part time homeowners unfortunately missed approximately half of our meetings and was not able to participate in many of the most important discussions.

Randy Kugler