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Friday, April 25, 2014

Tillamook County Creamery Association adds whey protein to list of products

Employees at TCCA's Boardman facility show off the first bag of WPC-80 whey protein produced at the plant. (Photo courtesy of TCCA)

BOARDMAN, Ore. – To get the most value out of its milk, the Tillamook County Creamery Association is producing whey protein at its expanded cheese-making facility at the Port of Morrow. Construction recently wrapped up on a 64,000-square-foot, $90 million expansion project there that allows processing of both whey protein concentrate, called WPC-80, and lactose powder. The expansion added 40 new jobs in Boardman and is expected to double TCCA’s whey and lactose product revenue. “While our primary business remains focused on our branded Tillamook Cheese and other Tillamook dairy products, this new facility gives us the ability to maximize …continue reading

Prison gardening organization seeks to team with local Master Gardeners


TILLAMOOK, Ore. – The Tillamook County Master Gardener Association is considering joining forces with a nonprofit organization that aims to launch a prison garden project at South Fork Forest Camp, a minimum security prison located 28 miles east of Tillamook off Highway 6. LettuceGrow, which is based in Portland, teaches inmates at correctional facilities throughout Oregon to garden with the help of Oregon State University Extension and the Oregon Food Bank. In addition to teaching inmates life skills, the program helps to offset prison food budgets by generating about 200,000 pounds of fresh produce for inmates each year and results …continue reading

Seagull Causes Power Outage in Tillamook


TILLAMOOK, Ore – A seagull flew into a power line in Tillamook on Wednesday morning, April 23, causing a 40-minute outage for 858 Tillamook People’s Utility District customers, including Tillamook High School. The outage affected downtown Tillamook as well. The outage began at 6:50 a.m., and Tillamook PUD crews restored power to all customers at 7:30 a.m. This is the second time since August that a seagull has collided with TPUD infrastructure, resulting in a brief power outage.

Geezer World: Friends are the bluebirds of happiness


Several years ago I found a Gary Larson “The Far Side” cartoon that has kept me laughing ever since. It showed a chicken sitting in an open window and a haggard looking guy sitting on his bed. The caption read something like, “The bluebird of happiness long absent from his life, Ned was left with the great chicken of depression.” If you don’t find this funny, I’m already in trouble. If you do find this funny you’d probably laugh at all the other things I keep in my “Funny File.” It is a collection of things accumulated over many years …continue reading

Nestucca students to perform ‘Singin’ in the Rain’


CLOVERDALE, Ore. – Next week, Nestucca Junior/High School students will bring “Singin’ in the Rain” to life on the Nelson-Pimentel Stage. “Nestucca is one of the last schools to continue to do musicals,” said director Annie Bishop. In addition to the cost of music royalties, musicals tend to require more elaborate costumes and sets. Thankfully, the community and Tillamook Association for the Performing Arts volunteers have pitched in, lending their skills to the school’s spring musical, she added. “This would not have been possible without all the help. We’re really grateful.” “Singin’ in the Rain” was originally a 1952 film …continue reading

Tillamook Regional Medical Center: School readiness exams are for Tillamook County kids

Pacific Partnership 2010

Tillamook County has a long and proud tradition of giving and helping. Of all the places I have lived, this community is the most generous with our time, talents and resources. Community service as a value is one of the things that makes Tillamook County a good place to live and raise children; and nowhere is that value more apparent than the annual multi-modular preschool exams. Every spring for nearly 40 years children in Tillamook County have been offered a suite of exams and services to help them get ready for school. This year the program name has changed to …continue reading

Port of Tillamook Bay to host grand opening of new airport facility

FBO-Exterior II.jpg

TILLAMOOK – Construction is complete on the new Tillamook Airport (TMK) fixed-base operator facility, the latest addition to the Port of Tillamook Bay’s growing aviation-related offerings. The full project cost roughly $1.5 million, which included demolition of the old structures, the new building construction, and water and sewer tie-ins to the Port’s existing systems. The 3,200-square-foot building adds to existing airport services, which include self-fueling (for both Jet A and Avgas), hangaring, parking, full-time staff, aircraft tie-down and two runways, the main runway being one of the longest on the Coast at 5,000 feet, said Port General Manager Michele Bradley. …continue reading

Tillamook County tourism marketing efforts take shape with hiring of marketing firm, appointment of advisory committee

TILLAMOOK, Ore. – Google “visit Tillamook County,” and the first website in your search results will be guidelines for calling on inmates at the Tillamook County Jail. Doug Olson and Dan Biggs, of the Economic Development Council of Tillamook County, are leading efforts to change that. Their hope is that soon such a Google search will lead prospective tourists to a website in the Travel Oregon vein, focused on Tillamook County. They recently took strides toward creating Travel Tillamook County, or Visit Tillamook County, branding, marketing campaign and website by hiring a marketing consultant and firm, recommending members for a …continue reading

2014 Taurus Soul Forecast


On April 20, the Sun moved into the sign of Taurus. Taurus is a fixed earth sign ruled by the planet Venus. Its fixed nature gives Taurus its reputation for being stubborn. When the bull charges, it is very hard to change its course. The flip side of this energy is a patient persistence that makes Taurus able to go the distance. Think of a cow slowly chewing grass and then mulling it over through seven stomachs until it is thoroughly and completely digested and you will have a picture of how Taurus does its business. Slow and steady, their …continue reading

Tillamook Farmers’ Market: Become a volunteer in 2014!

Farmers Market

Tillamook Farmers’ Market is seeking community volunteers to support the 2014 market season! Are you passionate about local food, farms, and direct markets like ours? If you’ve been thinking, “What’s a great way to get involved at the community level, meet new people, and have a good time outside?” then volunteering at TFM could be a really great experience for you. We’ve got a ton of great activities and events in the works for this season, but we need your help! Here is a list of our volunteer opportunities at the market, all of which are also outlined on our …continue reading