Civility Pledge – The Love Coalition

As we on the North Oregon Coast celebrate the Civil Rights work of Martin Luther King this weekend and Monday January 20th, AND EVERY DAY FORWARD, let us remember our rights for Civility by making a Civility Pledge. And let us strive to keep the pledge throughout the coming years, though challenging it may be.
PLEASE SHARE; Feel free to print and display the Civility Pledge.

Rights (and Non-rights) of Civility

We believe we have the right to disagree with others.
We believe we do not have the right to use hateful, rude, angry and slanderous words and actions towards those with whom we disagree.

We believe we have the right to be angry or upset at situations we find distressing.
We believe we do not have the right to take our feelings out on others in destructive ways.

We believe we have the right to express our opinion.
We believe we do not have the right to use our opinions as weapons against those we perceive as our enemy because they don’t share our opinion.

We believe we have the right to be who we are.
We believe we do not have the right to judge others harshly in our thoughts, words or actions because they are different than us.

Civility Pledge

We pledge to:

  • Speak and act with kindness and thoughtfulness.
  • Seek understanding.
  • Deal with our feelings in healthy ways.
  • Speak our truth using “I statements” (I feel…; this is how I see it…; My experience tells me…; this is what is true for me…)
  • Recognize there can be more than one truth in any situation.
  • Listen to another with open ears and hearts.
  • Seek solutions with consideration and collaboration.
  • Walk away when the situation is too much to handle.
  • Seek to understand someone who is different and try to see things from their point of view.
  • Agree to disagree and leave it at that.

Mission of the Love Coalition:
To cultivate community where we can show up without labels, connecting to one another through the spirit of love, offering acceptance without judgment and acknowledging our differences in a healthy way where we can learn and grow from each other, all while having the freedom to be authentic without fear of bias.

Bumper stickers of the “REVOLUTION – The Love Coalition” graphic are available at Manzanita News & Espresso, 500 Laneda Avenue, Manzanita. For more information about The Love Coalition email to

People who have already pledged civility: 88

Name City State
Constance Anderton Renton WA
Patrick Tempel Bay City OR
Laura Swanson Nehalem OR
Karen Asher Brook park OH
Judy Nehalem OR
Neal Lemery Tillamook Oregon
Barbara McLaughlin Nehalem Oregon OR
Craig H Mackie Nehalem OR
judith lally/ Tevis dooley Arch Cape OR
Colleen Schwindt Neahkahnie OT
Judy Holmes Manzanita OR
lane@ Nehalem OR
Laurie Lamb Tillamook Oregon
Christy Kay Nehalem Oregon
Mary Faith Bell Manzanita OR
jeanie McLaughlin Cannon Beach Oregon
Rebecca Field Portland OR
Lucy Brook Nehalem OR
Kathy Gaughan Cleveland Ohio
Sharla Smith Nehalem OR
Vicki Miller Manzanita Oregon
Michael Dinan NEHALEM OR
LinMarie DiCianni Wheeler OR
dubois.diane@ Rockaway Beach Oregon
The Rev Steven Wolff Nehalem OR
Romy Carver Tillamook Oregon
Angel Tillamook Oregon
Debbie Wilkins Cloverdale Oregon
jennifermae99 Tillamook Oregon
Lynda Jordan Tillamook OR
Shelly Dexter Tillamook OR
Carrie Tillamook OR
Charmaine Polizzi Tillamook OR
Lianne Thompson Cove Beach OR
Carol Brown Rockaway Beach OR
Sherah Berthelsen Tillamook OR
Ken Vance-Borland Corvallis OR
Vernie Love Ocean Park WA
Danielle Hurd Tillamook OR
Gordon McCraw Bay City Oregon
Sandy Veltri Tillamook Ore
Tamara Z. Hulburt Netarts Ore
Isa Tillamook Oregon
Al Newcomb Rockaway Beach OR
Gretchen Newlin Corvallis OR
Victoria Nehalem OR
Becky Moore Tillamook Oregon
Jean Miller Phoenix AZ
Sandy LeVan Rockaway Beach OR
LaNicia D Duke Ogden Utah
Kendra Hall Nehalem OR
Kathleen Marvin Manzanita Oregon
Robert and Maria Alicante Province Spain
Mel Gregory Tillamook Or
Melanie Davis Tillamook Oregon
faye bentley Beaver OR
Kalli Swanson McMinnville OR
Sherry Grimes Nehalem Oregon
Shaena Peterson Tillamook OR
Sharon Renteria Tillamook Oregon
Mary McGinnis Rockaway Beach Oregon
John Boyles Garibaldi Oregon
Stevie S Burden Wheeler Oregon
Michael Neben Irvine CA Netarts Oregon
Bette Ross Bay City Oregon
Beverly Stein Tillamook Oregon
Randall Koch Neskowin OR
Emily Dana Wheeler OR
LaNicia Duke Wheeler Oregon
Kimber Lundy Nehalem OR
Dr. Gwendolyn Phillips Coates Long Beach CA
Julia Hesse Astoria OR
Dan Haag Nehalem OR
Judy Anderson Seaside Oregon
Cheryl Conway Astoria OR
Pattra B Monroe Astoria Oregon
Renee Manzanita Or
Kerry Gearhart Oregon
Debbie Moberly Nehalem OR
Terri Desaro Nehalem OR
Florence Simmons Tillamook OR
Gina McGinnis Neskowin Oregon
Arica Sears Pacific City Oregon
Chrystal Nelthropp Manzanita OR Tillamook OR