Full Moon In Virgo 12:17am PDT March 18th — You don’t have to be perfect to be loved ♥

By Madame Dana Zia

The healing Full Moon will be full on March 18th in the wee morning hours. This last couple of years have been doozies and we all have our pain and worries that we carry from them. This Moon is a soothing balm that we can apply to those worries through more compassion and love for who we are right now. None of us are perfect, this world isn’t prefect and that’s ok. We are still lovable and this world is still lovable!

There are many planets in the gentle sign of Pisces right now, including the Sun, Jupiter, Mercury and the ever mysterious and loving Neptune. The Full Moon in Virgo is reflecting the light of the Pisces Sun and witnessing the possibility that we all carry to be kinder, wiser souls that care for the Earth and her inhabitants. This Moon also holds the power of deep connection to our higher selves through selfless acts. These selfless acts first must start with us.

We all have regrets, guilt and shame around how we’ve handled life. This Full Moon carries with it the blessings of the Goddess Virgo to let go of those imperfections. You’ll be feeling the feels in a big way but let the waves wash over you and see them as cleansing. Letting go of past decisions or actions that you regret can open you to forgiveness of self. The ultimate selfless act.

One of the biggest most magnificent steps we can take for self-care is self-acceptance. But the deep messy truth to this is we are Earthlings and that is what makes this place so rich and textured. When we try to hit every curve ball that life throws at us, we sometimes strike out. Life isn’t meant to be controlled; it is meant to be lived. So, when we get a home run, it is AMAZING! If we got them all the time, they’d be pretty boring. Keep swinging or you won’t get any home runs. Failure is part of succeeding.

This Full Moon is also opening the curtain on a very special alignment that is taking place on April 12th where Jupiter and Neptune with conjunct in their native sign of tender Pisces. This is a big deal folks! Jupiter and Neptune meet once every 12 years or so, not very rare, but to meet in the sign that they both rule over is a beautiful thing! (This hasn’t happened since 1856 and won’t again until 2188!) This conjunction is a powerful time to expand your consciousness, creativeness and alignment with your higher ideals. It is also deeply woven into the fabric of self-care. (more on that later)

You are lovable, you are glorious, you are messy, you aren’t going to be good at everything, you are an Earthling. We all are. This Full Moon is an open invitation to accept yourself. Our only job is to live life and goodness sakes, smile and laugh often!