Letter to the Editor: NCRD√ YES!

You’ve probably seen the bright yellow NCRD√ YES signs? And you probably know what they’re asking? In case not, let me remind you. We’re asking you to vote for the North Coast Recreation District (NCRD). A YES vote will enable NCRD to continue operating at its current level.

Why should we want NCRD to continue its current operations?
Because NCRD is the hub of the North County communities?
Because NCRD provides kids numerous experiences, including after-school care, youth sports, summer camp, arts and crafts, the school swim program, family swim, and special events for all ages?
Because NCRD provides a fitness center for working out and fitness classes and programs such as, yoga, group strength for seniors, Tai Chi, etc.?
Because NCRD has a state-of-the-art Performing Arts Center offering musical events, live theatre, and other special events?
Because NCRD provides aquatics classes and programs for all ages, including adult aqua aerobics, aqua yoga, lap swimming, water walking, etc.?
Because NCRD sponsors special events, such as, art shows, craft shows, speakers, etc.?
Because NCRD staff and teachers are part of our community and are knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful?

Final question: what can we do to help NCRD?
Answer: vote YES on November 6 for the 5-year renewable operating levy.
The levy will be used to continue to support NCRD’s daily operations, maintenance, classes, activities, and programs. This renewable levy must be renewed every five years and is on the ballot again this November. The operating-levy rate on the ballot is the same rate NCRD has had for the last ten years. Our levy rate will not go up with a Yes vote, and this levy will not be used for the new pool which will be funded by Capital Campaign and timber tax revenue.
Please vote “Yes” for NCRD!
Barbara Scott-Brier, Manzanita, Oregon