Neah‐Kah‐Nie School District 56 Solar & Battery Project Informational Meeting Monday Nov. 4th at NCRD in Nehalem

Find out more about the investment opportunity that will bring solar power and emergency systems projects to Nehalem Elementary and Garibaldi Grade Schools on Monday November 4th at 7 pm at North County Recreation District. Through a combination of grants, tax credits and community investments both schools will be equipped with solar panels that will provide power as well as charge batteries, as the schools are both designated as emergency shelters. Project advocate and local community sustainable architect Tom Bender and project team members will provide more information about this innovative opportunity.

“Our communities have been leaders in terms of emergency preparedness,” says Tom Bender, a local architect who has led the effort for solar systems locally. “Neah-Kah-Nie schools have done seismic upgrades on the Nehalem and Garibaldi schools, and the solar panel systems will make them ready to act as emergency evacuation centers in all sorts of emergencies.” This project will also provide learning opportunities for students, and sets an example for students about power generating options. The project team includes: BE Solar, installers; Oregon Clean Power Cooperative, developer; North Fork Naturals, system owner; Bonneville Environmental Foundation and Oregon Dept. of Energy, grant funding.

Investment Overview: The Oregon Clean Power Co-op, in partnership with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation, will install 25 kW solar + battery systems at the Nehalem Elementary and Garibaldi Grade School in Garibaldi. This pioneering project will reduce the Neah-Kah-Nie school district’s carbon footprint and electric bills, and will provide emergency power at the two schools, both of which are located out of the coastal tsunami flood zone and have been designated community emergency evacuation sites. Financing for the project will come from a variety of sources, including investment by community members, BEF, a system owner who will receive the tax credits, and a Renewable Energy Development grant from the Oregon Dept. of Energy.

Use of Funds: The funds raised will be loaned to the Neah-Kah-Nie School District, which will use them to pre-pay a Power Purchase Agreement with the System Owner. Benton Electric will install the system for the System Owner, who will sell the power it produces to the District. The District’s savings on electricity will enable it to pay back the loan to OCPC, which in turn will pay back the investors in the project. After twelve years, the District will take over ownership of the system.

This is a summary of the Oregon Clean Power Cooperative Offering Memorandum dated September, 2019 describing the NeahKah-Nie School District Solar Project, and is qualified in its entirety by reference to the Offering Memorandum. The Offering Memorandum is available on the Oregon Clean Power Cooperative website at, or in hard copy upon request. You should review the Offering Memorandum carefully before making any decision to invest.

The Oregon Clean Power Cooperative is the only statewide cooperative in the U.S. dedicated solely to renewable energy. Our member-financed projects keep capital circulating locally, create green jobs, and enable Oregon communities to become more self-reliant through locally-generated clean power.

Here is the article announcing this project:‐financed-solar-project-for-local-schools-solar-and-batteries-will-provide-emergency-power-for-neah‐kah‐nie-school-district/