Vitality with Kelly

kellyvitalitypersonaltrainerVitality With Kelly is the Tillamook County Pioneer’s wellness and fitness column. Kelly Benson, author, is an ACE-certified personal trainer, member of the National Physique Committee, certified Spinning instructor, certified Tai Chi:Moving for Better Balance instructor and Pioneer co-owner. She is also Healthy Living Director at the Tillamook County Family YMCA.

Her column touches on well-being and frequently features local health practitioners and others who contribute to the community’s longevity. Scan further down this page for a list of her columns as well as other Pioneer wellness coverage.

Kelly encourages residents of, and visitors to Tillamook County to take advantage of the region’s superb hiking opportunities, both for the exercise and the gorgeous scenery. Learn more here.

She also welcomes your local wellness-related news. To share, email her at

Kelly offers customized personal training services for people of all ages and fitness levels. You can sign up by clicking the “Buy Now” Paypal button below. Once you purchase your training session package, Kelly will contact you to schedule your first appointment.


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