COVID-19: Have you talked to your kids about COVID-19?

With the “extra” week of Spring BreakKids are talking about it to each other and may have some worries or misinformation.
Let them know that it’s natural and okay to be worried. I’m worried too. You can reassure them that kids who have gotten COVID-19 have recovered nicely.
Let’s make sure our kids have the right information. Help the older ones understand how to find reliable information on the internet. More DOH blog and CDC website; less YouTube.
Teach the little ones how we keep our bodies healthy—good food, lots of sleep, exercise. Drink water. You know the drill.
Remind them of the last time they were sick. How did they feel? What made them feel better? Help them translate those memories into compassion for others who are sick and into desire to keep themselves and others healthy.
Teach them to wash their hands and cover their coughs.

Numbers. The latest numbers for Oregon are 30 confirmed cases, 96 cases with testing pending which we update daily. As of today’s web refresh, 366 people in Washington have tested positive for COVID-19, and 29 have died of the disease. The numbers are going up quickly as more labs begin testing.
Practice compassion. Remember to have compassion for yourself. This is a stressful time, with changes to events we looked forward to, potential job impacts of closures, and worry for our health and for our loved ones. Take a minute to breathe. You are doing your best!
Take care of yourselves and each other!