A Halloween Portrait …


By Virginia Prowell

She dons her cape, grabs her three-cornered hat on the way
Slips on her pointed boots and jumps on her broom
Up, up, and away she streaks through sky
She has a rendezvous with the Harvest Moon!

Below, the villages and towns are all aglow
Thousands of Jack-O-Lanterns, beacon the flow
Costumed Toddlers and Teenagers are on the run
Racing through every alley, avenue and street
                        Knocking on doors and shouting TRICK OR TREAT!

Parties and dances for the mature generation
Ghosts, goblins, and fanatical witches dance around
Prizes awarded for the weirdest creation
Skeletons and spider webs dangling in every direction.

At Midnight, Old Father Time arrives to settle the score
With a gigantic clap of thunder, he shakes every window and door.
From his bloodshot eyes, bolts of lightning streak through the sky
Screeching owls, hissing cats, and howling wolves appear upon the scene IT’S HAPPY HALLOWEEN