A Local Conversation about Aging & Dying – Feb. 23

Several of us from the Art of Aging & Dying Program met recently after a long hiatus to discuss various current and inter-related issues in our community:
  • The imminent closure of Nehalem Bay House assisted living and how to move forward
  • Caring for the dying during the pandemic (not specifically covid patients)
  • Challenges of finding caregivers and other support, both paid and volunteer.
  • Currently Tillamook Hospice requires a 24/7 in home caregiver plan in place prior to admission to hospice services – a potential hardship that may restrict access to services for dying individuals and their families.
We invite you to join us for a Zoom conversation about these issues and how we as individuals and as a community can help on WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 23  from 2-4 pm.

We see this as not so much about coming up with solutions as providing a ‘place’ to gather and discuss what’s being seen or felt  – both challenging and inspiring.

It will be so great to meet together again!   

CONTACT ONE OF US TO SIGN UP – that’s the only way we can send you a Zoom link.  Also feel free to contact any of us with questions.
Claudia Johnson – claudiaejohnson@gmail.com
Paula Sansum – psansum@gmail.com
Tela Skinner –   telaskinner@gmail.com
Lane deMoll – lane@nehalemtel.net
Kathleen Moore – k77moore@icloud.com