Tillamook County residents make over 150,000 trips to our transfer stations each year. That number is up nearly 30% from 2019.
To accommodate the increase in traffic, we are in the process of preparing for significant improvements at each of our three transfer stations.
But we need your help too.
Every time you bring something to a transfer station, your load must be secured. If you are using an open truck or a trailer, that means you need to cover your load, and secure it so that no waste escapes along the way. It doesn’t matter whether you’re hauling trash, yard debris, or recycling, an unsecured load can lead to litter along the road.

If you are tarping your load, make sure your tarp is large enough to cover your load and bed/trailer. It should overlap by at least 4”. Tie down your load with straps, bungee cords, netting, or rope. And check your load before you hit the road.

Effective July 1st, you may be charged a $20 “Unsecured Load Fee” if you arrive at a transfer station without having your load secured – in addition to the trash fee.

If you need a tarp or straps, the transfer station can sell you a set.
Don’t leave home unless you’ve secured your load.