Let’s remember what Christmas is all about
It’s the most festive time of the year without a doubt
There’s hurrying and scurrying like there’s no tomorrow
Sending cards to loved ones near and far,
Putting up a Christmas tree, and lights around the door.

Shopping for gifts, at department stores or online,
Requires, patience and imagination all at the same time.
What to get grandchildren who want almost everything?
Let your head, not your heart do the ultimate guiding.

It’s the happiest and busiest time of the year for sure,
Pageants, plays, bazaars and charity drives for the poor
Making fruit cake and cookies, popcorn balls and more
Wrapping gifts, and mailing packages by the score.

Let’s remember the 25th of December is more than gifts and a big feast
We’re celebrating a blessed event from many years ago; before dawn
An angel guides Shepherds while Kings follow the star in the East
To witness a miracle, in a manger, JESUS CHRIST WAS BORN

— Virginia Prowell 12/11/2107