Action Notice Recreational Ocean Salmon North of Cape Falcon: Closed to Chinook Salmon Retention Beginning at 12:01 am Tuesday, Aug. 23

(August 22, 2022 RECREATIONAL OCEAN SALMON ACTION NOTICE: The National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) in consultation with the State of Oregon, the State of Washington, and fishery representatives met today via conference call and have taken the following in-season management action related to the ocean recreational salmon season from the Leadbetter Point, WA to Cape Falcon, OR:

ACTIONS TAKEN: In the ocean waters from Leadbetter Point to Cape Falcon, retention of Chinook salmon is prohibited beginning 12:01 AM Tuesday, August 23, 2022. This area remains open for the retention of adipose fin-clipped coho salmon through the earlier of September 30 or the quota of 84,000 adipose fin-clipped coho. The area from Leadbetter Point South to 46o 15’ N lat. and East of 124o 08’ 40” W. long. will reopen to salmon fishing for coho at the same time.

RATIONALE: The season guideline for Chinook salmon is for 7,700 total fish in this area. Preliminary catch estimates through Sunday, August 21 indicate that approximately 1,464 Chinook salmon remain on the Chinook guideline. The estimated catch for Monday, August 22 is 375 Chinook leaving 1,089 Chinook on the guideline. There are also approximately 44,000 coho salmon remaining on the coho quota. In order to stay open for coho salmon, there must be enough Chinook remaining to account for incidental hook and release mortality on Chinook, and that is calculated as 423 Chinook. If there are not enough Chinook for the hooking mortality, then the season would have to close to all salmon fishing. By closing to Chinook retention at this time, there is enough of the guideline remaining to allow the coho season to continue.

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