Adventist Health Tillamook Launches Lifestyle Medicine Practice

Adventist Health Tillamook announces an addition to its already comprehensive list of medical care offerings. Dr. Ben Douglas and Medical Assistant Sarah Armstrong are eager to welcome new patients into the new Lifestyle Medicine practice at the Adventist Health Medical Office – Plaza beginning in January 2020.
Dr. Douglas has been a Family Medicine physician for more than three decades, and when he learned about Lifestyle Medicine several years ago, he knew it was something he wanted to integrate into his practice. “Lifestyle Medicine is a relatively new specialty that focuses on using lifestyle habits to treat and prevent medical conditions and issues.”

Put simply, Lifestyle Medicine is a more holistic approach to patient care, with a focus on healthy eating, physical activity, stress management, healthy relationships, improving quality of sleep, and avoiding the use of tobacco and other harmful substances. A few years ago, Dr. Douglas started to incorporate some of the components of Lifestyle Medicine into his own life – and the results were remarkable. Dr. Douglas changed his diet to focus more on plant-based foods and ensured he got plenty of quality sleep. He says more sleep improves focus, increases energy and allows our bodies to metabolize food better.
“Over a period of several years, I lost about 95 pounds, I became more physically active, my quality of life improved and my enjoyment of work improved. It was such a tremendous change in my life that I wanted to share it with other people.” Also, Dr. Douglas suggests patients surround themselves with positive, healthful relationships such as group fitness activities at the YMCA.
Dr. Douglas is excited to show patients how even minor lifestyle changes and choices can have a dramatic effect on their overall health. “Our mission here at Adventist Health is to live God’s love by inspiring health, wholeness and hope. One of the keywords in there that really gets my attention is ‘inspiring.’ What we know about the science of medicine – living a healthy lifestyle, eating healthy food and being physically active, is just as effective, for so many things, as giving a pill.” To schedule an appointment to see Dr. Douglas for family or lifestyle medicine needs call 503-815-2292.

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