Adventures Without Limits says it all: There are no limits on what we can do!

Families from North Tillamook County joined each other on a misty morning at Nehalem Bay to seek out limitless adventure. Arriving early with some excitement and perhaps even a little fear of the unknown, family members slowly and methodically transformed from landlubbers to well-suited paddlers. Dressed for the cold-water temperatures and guided gently by the AWL crew, kayaks filled with partners and embarked around the Bay for an adventure that proved more than a beautiful outing. For some, this was a first time on the water or in a kayak, and personal self-accomplishments were plentiful.

The Mudd-Nick Foundation along with FACT Oregon sponsored the family networking day. This opportunity to get outdoors locally, enjoy each other’s company and stretch individual comfort zones was readily met by 15 Nehalem area residents, all of whom experience disability. “There is no better way to grow than to embrace what we have locally, dive into the experience, and do it with friends”, says FACT Oregon Coastal Program Coordinator Julie Chick. FACT Oregon’s mission is to empower families experiencing disability in their pursuit of a whole life by expanding awareness, growing community, and equipping families.

Adventures Without Limits provides access to outdoor adventure to all people, regardless of their ability level, socio-economic status, gender, ethnicity or age. The best part is that everyone is welcome-no gear or experience necessary! For more about their adventures including rafting, hiking, paddling, snow and more see:

The Mudd-Nick Foundation works to broaden the horizons of deserving children in greater Nehalem Bay and North Tillamook County. Their programs are designed to teach fundamentals of lifelong stellar citizenship by encouraging them to be responsible for their individual actions, respect themselves and others, maintain high integrity, exhibit socially accepted behaviors, expand their life experiences, minds and curiosities. For more: