Are you a responsible Tillamook County resident?

As a responsible Tillamook County resident, I want to protect the safety of our community, especially the safety of our most vulnerable to gun violence: those living in a domestic violence situation, children in our schools, crime victims.
As a responsible gun owner, I support strong gun safety laws, rules, restrictions and regulations, just as I support my Second Amendment rights.
It’s not surprising that there is disagreement about what Measure 29-161, a so-called Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinance (SASO) actually means. I believe that the movement that has advanced these measures to several states and to several counties in Oregon, intends them to be vague and contradictory.

It took me several readings of this measure, and a lot of research, before coming to this understanding. Not every SASO document is the same. There is a template, for sure, but there are varying degrees of effect that you find. From a passive statement of view (our rights are being taken away from us, the government can’t be trusted, and regulations, registrations, laws, and restrictions allow the government to come and take away our guns), all the way to Measure 29-161, a very active, punitive ordinance, which actually threatens County employees (law enforcement included), with fines and litigation if they enforce or help to enforce Federal and Oregon State gun safety laws, regulations, restrictions, etc.
It’s not good enough to say, what’s the harm, it’s clearly unenforceable. It’s not good enough to say, let the courts figure it out. It will be challenged; just ask Yamhill and Harney Counties. Tillamook County can’t afford to be tied up in litigation with the State of Oregon.
Responsible people who support our Second Amendment rights also support strong gun safety laws, rules, regulation, and restrictions. I am a responsible gun owner. I am a responsible resident of Tillamook County, and I want to protect the safety of our county. I will be voting NO on Measure 29-161.

Kathy Blevins
Tillamook resident for 36 years