By Karen Keltz
I have heard that most people want the same things, no matter their creed, politics, gender, religion: the elementaries of healthy, nourishing food, shelter that gives comfort, water, heat or cooling, safety, a good education for their children, and connection to one another, face to face, heart to heart.
The older I become, the more I see we are all connected—the blood of green things has only one thing different from human blood. Plants have chlorophyll and we have—whatever it is we have. Iron? Hemoglobin? The rest of what flows through us is the same.

You know how when someone massages your lower back and your shoulder or your toe tingles and twitches? Just like our nervous system, there’s a network among all living things, atoms and nano particles, that recognize one another. When you realize this connection, you understand the need to treat others, who are also some part you, with kindness, thoughtfulness, and consideration. Nothing is happy if you don’t.

To set others apart by differences rather than celebrating our sameness, never takes us anywhere good.
Even when we are wicked, it’s because we feel lost from that center that connects us all. Once we find that center and hold, we right ourselves again.

Listen to what people want–
They don’t want to be afraid.
They don’t want to be alone.
They don’t want to be no one.

They want to be seen.
They want to be heard.
They want to be felt.
They want to feel worthy and accepted.

Instead of demonizing others, casting them away, let’s find common ground and go from there, celebrating each other.

Karen Keltz is a local writer, her book: “Sally Jo Survives Third Grade” is available for purchase at Art Accelerated. Karen is a member of Art Accelerated and a regular attendee at the Writer’s MeetUp, first Wednesday of the month, 6 – 8pm, Art Accelerated’s Annex, 1906A Third Street.