Astoria Food Hub Opportunity for Community to Invest in Food Security, Support Local Producers
From Jared Gardner, Nehalem River Ranch
We have super exciting news to share! Nehalem River Ranch is partnering with a group of food system leaders to purchase a 27,000 square foot historic Astoria waterfront building to launch the Astoria Food Hub, and investing in the infrastructure for a more resilient and equitable regional food system.
Hilary and I ventured into food production in 2014 because we saw how broken our food system is. Covid gave us additional clarity on that and how brittle and unequal things are.
The Astoria Food Hub was conceived through years or community dialogue and grant funded feasibility research. In essence, the Food Hub is about keeping as many food dollars as local as possible so the farmer/fisher/rancher share is higher and our communities are more economically viable.
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Why Steward Lending?
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We really believe this will make a difference in our regional food system and having your support to build momentum brings us tons of energy!

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Here’s the story:

Long since the days of its bustling seafood canneries, Astoria has been a hub for our regional food system. A group of local food leaders have come together with a vision to re-establish Astoria as a consequential food hub on Oregon’s north coast. After several years of regional food system collaborations, plans are in place and a location has been identified to create a central source for local food commerce– Astoria Food Hub.

“We believe this building and business should be owned by the food producers, food businesses, and community we serve.” — Jared Gardner, local rancher and Astoria Food Hub co-founder

Once purchased and renovated, this mixed-use commercial space will bring a diverse collection of local farmers, fishers, and food producers under the same roof, providing the storage, processing, and business support they need to meet the growing demand for sustainable food products throughout the region.

Use of Funds

After months of diligence, the group is set to acquire a 27,000 sq ft historic building in downtown Astoria, situated in the famed Riverwalk District (near Buoy Brewing). This initial round of funding will be used to secure the building and start permitting right away. Shortly thereafter, a planned second phase will fund a series of tenant improvements, such as onsite cold and dry storage, processing and distribution facilities, commercial kitchen, retail storefront, office space, food education, and marketing and technical assistance. The goal is to be operational by fall 2021.

Community Impact

U.S. farmers and ranchers earn 14.6 cents on every dollar spent on food in the U.S., the remaining 85.4 cents cover off-farm costs, including processing, wholesaling, distribution, marketing, and retailing. Net farm income has dropped 50 percent from 2013-2016, and it has remained depressed ever since. Astoria Food Hub seeks to improve the producer’s share of food dollars.

Regional food systems have one of the highest Local Multiplier Effect of any economic sector, meaning every dollar spent by farmers, fishers, and ranchers ping pongs around the community 9 times or more.⁠ Astoria Food Hub is investing in the infrastructure that the region’s farmers, fishers, and food producers need to scale and strengthen the coastal community’s food system and its food security, keeping millions of dollars in the local economy each year.

A diverse community of local food producers and leaders have participated in several years of regional food system collaborations, identifying the need for cold storage, distribution, commercial kitchen, marketing, and technical assistance. Demand is increasing for place-based brands and high-quality products from both consumers and institutional buyers. Astoria Food Hub is rebuilding the gaps in the regional food system infrastructure lost to over 30 years of intense consolidation by global corporations. This project will reconnect consumers with foods grown, harvested, and produced in their own community, ultimately elevating producers who create quality products through sustainable, ethical, and equitable means.

Steward Comments

We know an amazing opportunity to make a difference when we see one–and this one was too good to pass up. Our team has been impressed by the vision and tenacity of this group to make Astoria Food Hub a reality. We believe wholeheartedly that this project will revolutionize the North Coast’s local food economy, meeting community food security needs and reinforcing the viability to scale regenerative & sustainable food production.

Help carry the Astoria Food Hub to the finish line, and co-create a more equitable and resilient regional foodshed!
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