ASTROLOGY 9/18/17: New Moon in Virgo

By Madame Zia

Tomorrow, September 19, will be a New Moon in Virgo. New Moons always happen in the same sign that the Sun is in because when the moon is traveling with the Sun, the dark side of the moon faces Earth. So whatever sign the Sun is in the New Moon will be in. So tomorrow both the Sun and the Moon will be right next to each other in Virgo. Mercury and Mars will also be in the beautiful sign of Virgo so it will be a powerful Virgo time in the ole town tonight!
Now Virgo is a sign that is greatly misunderstood. Virgos are often seen as the bespectacled Librarian with ruler in hand, ready to pounce on any offender to the quiet of the library.  She is also seen as the bookkeeper, manager and workaholic with a critical and severe edge that makes people scurry away from her stern eye. This is not a very flattering archetype of the only sign in the Zodiac that is represented by a Goddess! Even though some of these images of the Virgo can be exhibited with a person with Virgo signs, it is truly the dark side of this juicy Priestess sign.

The Virgo imagery is that of a Goddess that holds a sheath of wheat one hand and a scepter of healing in the other. She is the Mother Goddess of the Universe, She is whole onto herself. She is Mother Nature who brought forth all of life, all order and harmony. The Goddess is a virgin under the original meaning that She gave birth to all existence by Herself, from within Herself, out of Herself.
Virgos are the luminous Goddess of the Zodiac that represents abundance and the fruits of hard labor. She is no stranger to hard work but does it to bring delicious and nutritious grace to the Earth through her offerings of ripe abundance from the Earth like our gardens and farms are putting out right now. If Virgo forgets that they are the sacred keepers of abundance from the Earth, they lose their way into sterile bookish jobs that are so unfulfilling to them.
Yes, Virgo holds us to high standards but that does not make her proper and prim. She has the ability to swish and flick her wand and bring order out of chaos, no light talent. In fact JK Rowling that wrote all the Harry Potter books has lots of planets in Virgo and she was able to materialize that series out of nowhere and enjoy great success from it. This is the powerful magic of Virgo.
During this time of the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars in Virgo I suggest you take time to have gratitude for the abundance in your life and to be thankful to your hands and mind that manifests these blessings. Also take stock of what you are doing for a living and see if it is bringing you happiness. If it is not, this is an excellent time to envision what you would like to do and what you have to do to change to get it. If you can’t envision it, that’s ok, surrender it up to the divine Goddess of Virgo and ask help in manifesting it. That is the magic of Virgo, manifestation, and there is no one better to hand it to.