ASTROLOGY: Aquarius season on steroids explained

By Madame Dana Zia
There is a lot of conversation about Aquarius going on right now and there is a good reason — there’s a lot happening there! All the energy that built in Capricorn the last few years, particularly last year, sling shotted into Aquarius and we have all been ready for this transformation!
The Full Moon in Leo is arriving on January 28th at 10:16 am to a growing alliance is Aquarius. It started with the Grand Conjunction (Jupiter and Saturn moving into Aquarius together) on Winter’s Solstice at 0 degrees Aquarius and then Mercury and the Sun joined the club with more invited! Let’s unpack Aquarius to get a deeper understanding of this Aquarius season that is more powerful than normal and the underlying program of the year.

One of the fun little factoids I love to start with when talking Aquarius is the glyph of this sign isn’t just water waves — it’s brain waves! (I love that!) This is one of the most cerebral of the Zodiacal plane. It is left brained masculine and the free radical thinker. Aquarius is the high witness, grand experimenter, a community gatherer and change agent.
I like to assign the eagle to Aquarius as its totem because the eagle is a mighty noble one that prefers life in the air, taking in the big picture. When they come to Earth is when they are most vulnerable, so consequently, Earthly things like feelings and romantic attachments are not their strong suit. But the air! Oh how they wing and soar, and touch the face of the Moon!
This Aquarius season is particularly powerful since Saturn and Jupiter are there, joined by the Sun and Mercury. (Spoiler alert! Mercury will be going retrograde in Aquarius on the 31st.) As time marches toward Imbolc on February 3rd at 15 degrees Aquarius, Venus will also have joined the conclave of the wise to confer about all things community and how best to support egalitarian change. This culminates on the New Moon on February 11th with the Moon adding her luminous light to Aquarius.
They shall be beaming this energy down to us Earthlings to trickle into our brains and infuse our souls with the great ideas to inspire us towards alternative ways of growing vibrant community. The old saying comes to mind here, “act locally and think globally” as a powerful way to imbue this Aquarius season with action. What can you do for your community to bring change and stir the wind in a favorable way? The download is happening! Tune in for your instructions!