ASTROLOGY for the New Year: Getting to know Madame Moon!

By Madame Dana Zia
This year is starting out in a most auspicious way with a rare and radiant full moon on January 1st. Not only was it a full moon but it was a super moon that was 30% brighter and 14% bigger than the “ordinary” full moon. (As if we can call full moons ordinary!) This phenomenon happens when a full moon occurs at its “pedigree” which is its closest orbit to the Earth. And there’s more! It was in the sign of Cancer which is the sign that the moon rules so it was “exalted” there in its very happy place.
The fireworks aren’t over however as we are up for another delightful full moon on the 31st of January (which is going to be a lunar eclipse) making it a “blue Moon”. Of course it isn’t a blue colored moon, it is a term used to describe a second full moon happening in one month. This generally only happens once every 2.5 years but we are going to have another blue moon on March 31st! Incredible. What an amazing way to start 2018!

This is obviously a month to tune into your personal moon sign and get to know it. When a person is born on the Earth, they have the entire solar system spinning around them, witnessing their birth. The Moon is the closest of these celestial witnesses to your birth and some even argue, the most powerful. Think of how the Moon affects the tides of the Earth….. it is a very powerful force that greatly colors our world with all her moods and light. So the sign that your Moon was in at your birth is just as significant as the sign your Sun was in.
We have all gotten to know our Sun sign, our culture puts much emphasis on it, but the Moon’s luminosity is just as important. The moon moves very fast compared to other celestial bodies, she orbits around us in 30 days and moves through an astrological sign every 2-3 days. This makes her alignment at our birth very personal.
It’s easy to look up your Moon sign over at When you have, check out some of the qualities of your moon sign and be amazed at how spot on it is. With all this Moon energy this month, you will have the “stars aligned” to understanding yourself better by knowing your Moon sign.
The Blue Moon on January 31st will also be a total eclipse of the Moon that will be mostly visible from our area. I’ll write more on this towards the end of the month, but meanwhile, go out and find your Moon sign and get to know her personally. If you would like an astrological reading from me that gives you an in-depth look into your relationship with your moon (and other planets) email me at It’s a great way to start the year!