ASTROLOGY: Full Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on November 8 at 3 am PST

By Madame Dana Zia

“Ohhhh this darkness….please light my way.” Moby

The rare cosmic event of a total eclipse of the Blood Full Moon in Taurus will begin in the early morning hours of November 8th around midnight and will end at 5am for West Coast folks. The total eclipse of the Moon will be at 3 am so even if you don’t stay up for the whole cosmic play, it would be worth getting up from 2am-4am to see the most dramatic part of the event. There won’t be another Blood Moon eclipse till 2025 so get out there! We might even have clear weather for it if we are lucky. (Fingers crossed!)

I’m not going to beat around the bush, this full Lunar eclipse is extremely intense. One of the ways it is intense is that it’s exactly conjunct the Taurus Full Moon. Uranus, which is the planet of change and the unexpected, moved into Taurus in May of 2018 and is there till 2026. Taurus is an Earth sign that values life on Earth and the pleasure of it. Taurus is also a fixed sign that loves stability and strength. For a Taurus to change, life needs to get very uncomfortable! So here is the gentle stubborn sign of Taurus, sniffing flowers in the field and here comes Uranus bringing an unseasonal freeze to the flowers and causes Taurus to find a different way to find comfort and security.

Of course, we all reflect back to one of the biggest freezes in our generation, Covid in 2020, and all the change that it has require of the world.  The last time Uranus was in Taurus was June 1934 through May of 1942. That was a very uncomfortable time too with the Great Depression and the onset of World War II. But we all must remember that “necessity is the mother of invention” and when comfort and stability is removed, innovation blooms! So much technology and invention came out of WW II and the great recession.

With the Taurus Moon luminating Uranus in this Lunar eclipse, we may feel very uncomfortable and conflicted on what to do with it. Shall we toss caution to the wind and change everything? Or shall we hide our head in a hole and wait for the storm to pass? This Moon is shinning a big spotlight on what isn’t working in our world and with it, gifting us the opportunity to shift it with innovation and creativity. Use the uncomfortableness to get creative and build a structure that will support what you want to do — let the darkness light your way.

One of the big ways to do this is to change the thoughts that you are thinking. Anytime Mercury is involved in a shake up like this, our thoughts are to be examined and weeded out. The human brain is capable to thinking 60,000 thoughts a day. Egads! Don’t believe everything your think! This eclipse could reveal to you what thoughts that you are believing that are not serving you. Consciously prune the thoughts that you don’t want to believe.

Attune yourself to opportunity and the abundance all around you during this eclipse. Get creative and innovative to steer your thoughts and life in a direction your want to go. The eclipse offers liberation from stagnation and decline but you have to let the darkness guide you. Be courageous and compassionate! Change doesn’t have to be frightening, work with it.

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