ASTROLOGY: Full Moon in Aquarius 8/11/22 – Arise to the challenge!

By Madame Dana Zia
The Super Full Moon in Aquarius comes gusting in on August 11 at 6:36pm PT. This is a Full Moon to sit up and take notice of. It has lots of dynamic energy that is super charged with quick change, hot tempers and needing to take care of responsibilities that have been neglected. Not to fret however as the Leo Sun and Venus are courageous and ready to arise to the challenge!

Saturn, which is the last planet visible to the naked eye, is front and center during this Full Moon being right next to the Moon. Saturn is the planet that represents boundaries, limitations and responsibilities so when he is involved with the Aquarius Moon, the energy is shedding light on what we need to attend to. The responsibilities that we have committed to but haven’t been showing up for, will be rattling around in our head or some drama will draw us back to them. Take the lion heart of the Sun and cool head of the Aquarius Moon and wade in. Anytime Saturn is involved it is better to take care of the messes and then the drama will settle down.

The Moon, Sun and Saturn are also in a dynamic square (90-degree angle) with Uranus the planet that is a radical change agent and Mars the planet of action. A square in astrology is like a hose that is at a 90-degree angle, the water is still getting around the bend but it is pressurized and has tension to it. So with this square to Uranus and Mars you are going to feel pressure to take action to change something. Once again, employ the courage of the Lion and the cool headedness of Aquarius to tackle it like a boss. Be aware however to not throw the baby out with the bath water! You’re going to feel like it, but take care and be gentle with yourself and others as the tension will be in the air. Proceed with care.

With Uranus involved, we have no control over what happens in the world around us, we have no control over how people act, but we do have control over how we choose to react, how we choose to think about things, and what we choose to give our energy to. Choose wisely on how you show up for this Full Moon.

A good use of this Full Moon energy is to stride out and greet it. What have you been neglecting that needs care? What needs to change in your life so that it is more sustainable? What goals are calling you to take action on? Make a list and start ticking it off. This Full Moon will give you momentum!