ASTROLOGY: Full Moon in Cancer 1/17/22 – Focus on Self-Care

By Madame Dana Zia

On January 17th at 3:48 pm, the first Full Moon of the year floats in rather topsy-turvy. This Full Moon is in the sensitive sign of Cancer and is opposing Pluto so you might be feeling the feels in a big way! Venus and Mercury are retrograde adding to the “backwards” feel of this Moon.
As I wrote about in my Mercury retrograde post a few days ago, we all want to jump out of the starting gate and go galloping down the track with wild abandon. Yet, the time is not right for that. This Moon is a further extension of that same energy. Easy does it turbo. The more you push to go forward the more walls and hurdles you are going to run into and exhaust yourself.

The Sun is conjunct Pluto, which is the planet of transformation and the underworld. He rules over anything that is stuffed into hidden places and monsters under the bed. With the Sun conjoining with him and the Cancer Full Moon illuminating this event, the emotions that you thought were safely tucked away or haven’t had access to are going to be right on your sleeve. You might have a few unexpected monsters come out of the closet and that want to be cared for, too.
We’ve all had a wild roller coaster of a ride the last few years, and many of us are struggling to digest them. We are all holding onto more than we realize and the accumulation of all the ups and downs, forwards and backwards, many losses and “let goes” have piled up on us. We have gotten more used to carrying the burdens but this Cancer Full Moon is the perfect tonic to feel the feels and let them go.
If there is one thing that we’ve gotten out of these last few years, it is the importance of self-care. This Full Moon with Venus and Mercury retrograde, it is a fine time to practice those skills you have learned. If you haven’t focused on self-care rituals yet, no worries, there is always time for that. Take this Full Moon to do just that. Even if it is 15 minutes a day, it will change your outlook and bring space to your life.
This Full Moon is asking for us to set back and breathe. Listen. Be still. Do something totally out of the ordinary that is relaxing and cozy. Bake or build a pot of soup (or both) and share it with your loved ones. Take a long bath with sweet smelling salts and cry in the tub. This Full Moon is about being home, feeling all we can and being grateful for our close circles.