ASTROLOGY: Full moon in Cancer 2020

By Madame Dana Zia
The first Full Moon of the year arrives today, Friday January 10th at 11:21am PST. It is a powerful full Moon in Cancer with a partial eclipse to set the tone for the year ahead of us. The eclipse will only be visible in the far North but the effects of it will be far flung throughout the world.

This Full Moon lunar eclipse occurs in the homey and emotional sign of Cancer and is opposing (right across from) a big deal going on in Capricorn that is VERY unusual. Jupiter, Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto are all conferring in Capricorn, which the Full Moon is fully illuminating. That’s 5 of the 9 planets (I count Pluto) in our Solar System. That’s a very big deal folks!! You may recall from my last post that this hasn’t happened since 1894 BCE. This conclave in Capricorn will go on much of the year. To understand what this all means and how to use this for your benefit, let’s talk about Capricorn.
Capricorn begins right at the winter solstice when the light begins to return to the earth but it is also the darkest time of the year. This makes Capricorn very good at sowing seeds for the future; hatching and implementing practical ideas on thriving. These natives to the winter are the oldest earth sign and therefore, are wise and considered an elder. Far thinking and planning are very important parts of the Capricorn, so that they may get themselves and their loved ones through the bleak winter without starving on what is in storage. This makes them very good at right use of what resources. Very resourceful, determined and great manifesters, they are masters of the practical application of how to make things work out, usually for the better. I’ve always said, if you want it done, give it to a Capricorn.
Capricorn is governed by the planet Saturn and the two of them rule over government, organization, occupations, resources and all structures that help us here on muggle Earth. With this much weight in Capricorn, we are strongly pulled to make our Earthly lives better and more fulfilling.
There is the good and the bad of that, of course. The good is that we are driven to become better with Capricorn ideals like time management, making money, keeping things organized and building strong dependable structures in our lives. It can help us accomplish things that we never thought possible!
The bad is that we can become obsessed with material things, the political mayhem going on, and how to rule the world. This much energy in Capricorn can also stimulate our inner critic that can shackle us to hard work and desire. We can relentlessly focus on our shortcomings, compare ourselves to others and believe the illusion that we can never be good enough. Never.
In the next three days, you might have the cracks in your structures glaringly reveled. Do not look away, this is a gift. Take note of the outdated and frayed ways of thinking that could use a renovation and plan to shift them. But please, please do it with great compassion, and love like you would to a beloved child or pet. Beating up on yourself never works in the long run (and it is no fun!) so start this year with taking a vow of kindness for yourself. This Full Moon is ripe and fertile for cultivating contentment and kindness for ourselves and all around us. Focus on being grateful for what you have.