ASTROLOGY: Full Moon in Cancer is the perfect alignment to focus on release and new thoughts

By Madame Dana Zia
The very last Full Moon of this very curious year is today December 29th at 7:28 pm PST. This Full Moon is in the tender and gentle sign of Cancer and it is definitely going to get the feelings flowing. It is the perfect alignment for us to all have the emotional connection, healing and closure to this tumultuous year. Let’s unpack this.

The Moon will be beaming big beautiful Cancer energy at us, while opposing the Sun in Capricorn and squaring the large asteroid Chiron that represents our unmastered wounds. This sort of configuration is called a “T-square” in astrology and is a tippy transit. It’s like riding a unicycle — it takes balance and intention to remain upright. The balance point is Chiron, so our unfinished wounds with this year are the tipping point. If we take advantage of this potent cauldron to consciously release all our pent up emotions of this intense year, we will stay balanced. If we resist and try to keep a stiff upper lip, we could tip over.

Give yourself the gift of self-care in this Full Moon window to dump all your pent up emotions down the drain. Maybe do a feeling dump with uncensored writing of everything you felt about this year. Maybe go somewhere private and yell it into the air. However you do it, this is what the energy of this alignment is gifting us so that this wounded year can be released and not carried over into the New Year. This is what we need to do to keep our balance.

After releasing all the yuck of this last year, then breathe and sit in the stillness. Here is the place of equilibrium. Now open to the possibility of Moon’s trine to Uranus. This is a transit that adds an upbeat vibe to this potentially emotional Full Moon. Uranus is a rascal of a planet that is a change agent. Its intent is to entice us out of stagnation by offering new possibilities and unpredictable events. With it trining the Moon, there is an easy going stream of energy that we can tap in to change stagnation in our lives. (Can you say New Year’s resolutions?) No, it won’t fix Covid19 or other circumstances out of our control but it can give us the stimulus to change our minds and take positive action. Then the strong and earthy Capricorn Sun can offer a solid plan to make your new thoughts take form. And that my friends, is priceless!