Astrology: Full Moon in Capricorn 7/8/17

By Madame Zia, Mama Bear Astrology

Hold on to fuzzy slippers! The gentle Cancer Sun with Mars only a few degrees away, who both love to see the world as only beautiful and sweet are having a rough go of it. Pluto is opposing them and applying pressure to the cracks and they are widening! This is very uncomfortable and Cancer does NOT like to be uncomfortable! (So that makes it even more uncomfortable.) Then the full moon in Capricorn joins the action tomorrow conjoining Pluto to light up all the issues around responsibility and sustainability.
You may be feeling uncomfortable in your skin and life right now. On top of that since others are also feeling this full moon wonky energy, everyone is feeling sensitive and vulnerable, you are not alone. And when Cancer the Crab is feeling vulnerable she nips out with her claws if you get too close. It is important to invoke one of the super powers of cancer right now; compassion. Know that everyone is struggling and to be kind.
But there is beauty in this prickly uncomfortable zone. Since Pluto demands transformation at all costs, the cracks that are starting to split are being brought into the light of moon to see what needs to be transformed. This is a gift. It is a window into what we can do to transform how we steward our lives, our communities and our planet. Take this uncomfortable energy, apply the gentle and practical wisdom of Cancer to it all and clean house, sweep out the old and create new cozy ways to be a leader of stewardship.