ASTROLOGY: Full moon in Gemini 12/7/22 at 8:07pm – Be Brave with an Open Heart

By Madame Dana Zia
The Full Moon in Gemini arrives in a swirl of stars, demanding great acts in courage to heal relationships. What makes this Full Moon intense is that is directly conjunct Mars that is in its bi-annual retrograde.

Anytime Mars is conjunct the Full Moon is adds a tremendous amount of intensity and energy to it. One may feel more aggressive, confident, powerful and egotistical with this alignment. But when Mars is retrograde (apparently going backwards) the energy is very different. It is a time for atonement. It is a time to right the wrongs.

This energy lends a healing hand for us to reach out and offer apologies to those who we know we owe one to but just haven’t had the gumption to do it. Or perhaps we’ve been too stubborn or egotistical to give an honest apology. No matter, help is on the way! Mars is nudging us to be brave enough to heal our transgressions.

There are many ways to apologize and many of us do it the wrong way. Dr Harriet Lerner who’s a clinical psychologist, has done groundbreaking work on apologies and how to offer a healing one. She suggests that in order to offer an apology that will heal a situation it is important not to add anything into the apology like “I’m sorry but..” or “I’m sorry you feel that way.” Or “I’m sorry, OK?? What do you want from me?” Also refrain from making the apology about you as in “I’m so sorry I did that! I’m a terrible person and don’t deserve your forgiveness!” You get the picture.

Give the apology simply and authentically. Dr Lerner has 9 essential ingredients to a healing apology online and I suggest you look her up and learn a bit about how to do it. An apology is absolutely magical when done right. It may take time to mend the riff but be patient and keep your ego out of it.

Not only is this a time to apologize but also is a time to accept one. If someone approaches you with an apology during this Full Moon window, (or anytime!) open your heart to accept it with grace. An apology is a form of respect. Recognize this honor and meet it with respect. You might need to express your hurt and feelings to this person, but do it with honor, not vindictiveness. It might be too early to accept the apology, too, and that’s ok! Just tell them that and open up the conversation towards moving towards a truce.

Use this powerful Full Moon in Gemini conjunct retrograde Mars to do acts of great courage and forgive, apologize or accept an act of goodwill. Time to bury the hatchet, making peace with an old injustice that you need to move on from. Holding on to old grievances is like wearing shackles, it only cripples you, not them.

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