ASTROLOGY: Full Moon in Leo 2/16/22

By Madame Dana Zia
Greetings Earthlings! The Leo Full Moon came padding in on big puddy cat feet at 9am PST today February 16th. This puddy cat’s heart is full of love and is purring the song of connection, self-acceptance and love. The purrrfect Full Moon to follow Valentine’s Day!
One of the gifts that this Full Moon offers us is also the energy of lightness. It reminds us to soften our being and to focus on creating joy.

Being in a state of joy is one of the fastest ways to connect us with the Divine, and the path of our highest destiny. This is the essence of Leo.
Leo is ruled by our beautiful, powerful Sun that radiates light for all of us unabashedly. The Sun has no reservations on how big, bold, and bright it is — it just shines. This is the axiom for Leo, just show up and shine. Now, this is easier said than done, but this Full Moon in the sign of the jungle king with Venus and Mars exactly conjunct, it is entirely possible!
Venus, who represents are inner feminine and Mars, that represents our inner male, are conjoining in the sky right now to the exact degree. They will be a sight to behold in the early morning sky before sunrise with Mercury barely visible and the Full Moon sitting in the West. This conjunction of Venus and Mars in Capricorn is about taking responsibility for our relationships, within and without. The old saying “As above, so below” is so evident under this full Moon. Show up for yourself and in doing so, show up for all around you.
These last few years have been filled with more than the usual share of turmoil, fear and uncertainty which has many of us cowering like scared kittens and this Full Moon is here to ask our lion hearts to lead us towards deeper connection. Ask yourself these questions during this Full Moon window and answer fearlessly:
1) What can you do to deepen your relationships in and out?
2) What fear are you allowing to loop in your mind that keeps you from showing up?
3) What part of your life has become WAY too serious that could use a little lightening up?

Write down your answers to these questions and there is your Full Moon homework to show up and shine. Sic your big brave lion on your fears and have him/her keep them in the corner for a few days and feel how it is not to entertain those thoughts. With courage, start working on controlling your mind from thinking those fears over and over. Replace the fears with positive thoughts, your brains is very plastic and will focus on whatever you sic it on.

And last but not least, lighten up a bit! Get playful and go for a fun romp or do something creative and playful. Extend this playfulness outwardly to your relationships and watch them sparkle with the attention.