ASTROLOGY: Full Moon in Libra – Claim your dreams!

By Madame Dana Zia
The Libra Full Moon floats in on a cloud today April 16, 2022 at 11:55am PDT. This Full Moon is reflecting the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction that occurred on 4/12/22 and is still rippling through our universe. This conjunction was the first time Neptune and Jupiter met up in Pisces since 1856 and won’t be experienced again till 2188, after we’re all long gone!

Let’s start with the Jupiter and Neptune conjunction. Neptune takes 165 years to circle the Sun and Jupiter takes 12, so they meet up every 12-13 years. But this meeting is different as it is in the intuitive and gentle sign of Pisces. The reason this conjunction has sparked so much attention is that Neptune and Jupiter LOVES to be in Pisces and are the allies of all things Pisces so this alignment is much stronger.
Neptune represents everything rosy colored glasses and nectar, such as imagination, intuition, ideals, spirituality, and dreams. Jupiter is the jolly juggernaut that works to expand our horizons and possibilities, intensifying anything it touches. It doesn’t take a genius to imagine what getting those two planets together in Pisces mean but I just have to tell you anyways. It means expansion of divine potential, universal love and cosmic consciousness. It can also mean falling headfirst into delusion and addictions, depending on which pill you take, the red or green. (From the movie Matrix)
Now take that energy and stir it into this Full Moon in Libra and your get a beautiful recipe for a feeling that anything is possible. Let yourself dream out loud. What do you want from life? No, don’t censure it, I know it’s hard, but think like a genie popped out of your coffee maker and asked you what your three wishes were. Have fun with this! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
This Full Moon also asks us where we need to create balance in our lives. Tension and stress are indicators of where things are out of whack and where we need to focus to rebalance. Grant yourself spaciousness in the tight places in your life and see how quickly things can re-align.
Libra is the sign of relationships and connectivity, so Full Moons in Libra also offer opportunity to breathe life into our connections. Put down the phone or turn off the TV and request quality time with your loved ones. There is nothing more nourishing than meaningful connection. If we don’t have it, life is empty.
On the other hand, the light of this Moon might expose the rips in your relationships that need some mending. It might also uncover the relationships that are beyond fixing that you need to get out of. Maybe some firm boundaries are in order to equalize the energy of giving and receiving. Whatever this Full Moon illuminates, know that is what you need to work on to bring more balance in your life because that is ultimately what Libra is all about.
Happy Easter and Passover. Enjoy all your relationships and dream big!