ASTROLOGY: Full Moon in Libra is an excellent time to be kind!

EDITOR’S NOTE: And the second best time to be kind is every day …

By Madame Dana Zia

Batten down the hatches as the Full Moon today, Sunday the 28th 11:47am PT is going to bring confused seas! It is a Full Moon in the gentle sign of Libra that opposes the Sun in fiery Aries conjunct Venus and Chiron exactly at 8 degrees. This Moon is going to churn up the waters of our emotions to bring to the surface what needs to be addressed and where tender nurturing needs to be applied.

The Full Moon in Libra is known as the “relationship Moon” in many astrological circles. It is an excellent and fertile time to weed the gardens and plant seeds that we want to grow in our relationships.

This Full Moon always appears in the sky when the Sun is in the fiery and action oriented sign of Aries. This contributes to the desire to make our relationships a meaningful project and boldly go forth to nurture them. This year with Venus and Chiron conjunct the Sun exactly, there are some complications to this well-meaning Moon.

Chiron is the largest asteroid in our Solar System and is known as the teacher/healer that first needs to care for themselves or no healing can transpire. Where Chiron is located in your birth chart is the place of our ancestral and personal wounds that are stitched forever into the fabric of our lives. Chiron in Aries is a warrior that will not go quietly into the night and uses the wounds as fuel to rise up and have courage to change what is wrong. (Can you say Black Lives Matter?)

Venus in Aries has strong warrior energy as well. She values authenticity over tact and is fierce about protecting the family and underdogs. This Venus is full of projects and desire to experience as much of the world as possible! She also has strong opinions and no patience for the pathetic.

So to put this all together, this alignment shines a bright light on our personal and collective wounds making us feel vulnerable and exposed. But powerful Venus softens this alignment with her stout encouragement that we have got this and we can use this energy to improve our lives and relationships. The wounds that get exposed during this transit will enjoy some tender care and bandaging.

Please be very careful with what you say during this Full Moon as everyone we meet is fighting a battle that we know nothing about. Be kind always! We might feel a bit battered by this Full Moon with the big emotional waves but we will stay afloat particularly with lots of self-care and quiet time.