ASTROLOGY: Full Moon in Sagittarius – “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”

By Madame Dana Zia
The June 14th Full Moon will be shining the light on us at 4:52 am PDT. This is Sagittarius Full Moon will be a super Moon so it will not only be illuminating our night sky but also stimulate a desire for a new quest of some sort.
A Full Moon is a prefect opportunity to take stock and let go of outdated perspectives that are no longer serving us and go forward into a new path that brings us excitement. This Moon is particularly pregnant with this opportunity as it is in Sagittarius, the sign of the quest seeker. Sagittarius loves to hunt for new horizons to explore, whether they be internal or external. Consequently, this Full Moon will be encouraging us to open our vision to new ideas and vistas. It hankers for newness. It tugs at your inner voyager.

Neptune is also involved with this Moon by squaring it (A dynamic 90° angle that creates desire). Consequently, you might be feeling brain fog or unaware of what truly inspires you to explore. That’s ok, this Moon isn’t about action, it is about getting tuned into what excites you. Neptune’s intent is to draw you inward so that you will step away from your thoughts and use your intuition to find your way. This way, you find your personal path opposed to some influencer’s. Neptune invites you to find your internal compass which is always more authentic and aligned.
There is another planetary alignment going on during this Full Moon that weaves in the energy of healing. Mars (the planet of action) is conjunct Chiron (the asteroid that represents healing). This is an added value to this Moon phase of healing the wounds that hold us back. Fear is usually the biggie that hangs over us and causes us to be overprotective and cautious. Fear is a good thing to shield us from doing something stupid but when it keeps us from making changes that are overdue, it needs to be rounded up and corralled.
This Full Moon will illuminate what fears we need to round up and give us the skills to do it. (And a good strong horse!) It will inspire you to make a leap of faith that can bring you aliveness and vibrancy. Confidence that “the best can happen” is literally in the air for you to tune into. Remember that life is better lived as an adventure. Our time here is short and uncertain, why not make it interesting and enjoyable?
During the Full Moon in Sagittarius, give yourself the gift of tuning into your deepest desires of (inner or outer) adventure and let them infuse you with excitement. Follow your intuition towards this, if it doesn’t feel right, then step back and sense what does feel right. Acknowledge your fears when they come up but resist them holding you back if they are unsubstantiated. Take on the famous Sagittarius confidence that the Universe is always looking out for you. Why not?!