ASTROLOGY: Full Moon in Sagittarius May 26th 2021 — The gift of sight

By Madame Dana Zia
The Full Supermoon in Sagittarius on May 26th at 4:15am PST is a rare and significant celestial event as it is a blood Moon full lunar eclipse! I sure hope the clouds clear because the Moon, who will be so incredibly huge, will gradually turn an intense blood red as it is eclipsed by the shadow of Earth, hence its name.

This is the first eclipse of the year and will be followed by a sister partial Solar eclipse on the New Moon in Gemini on June 10th. This is the eclipse portal that we are entering into and it has the potential to be a real eye opener and make us want to buy plane tickets to escape. So even if you buy a plane ticket (I did) do try to engage in the deeper lesson of this incredible ecliptic opportunity.
This eclipse portal opens in the fire sign of Sagittarius that rules over adventure, philosophy, the pursuit of truth and meaningful quests. It has the potential to show you where your life is devoid of spark, purpose and consciousness. That’s the thing with eclipses is that they show us exactly where we are. It’s a bit like having a guest come to visit and all the beauty and messy parts of our lives are exposed.
Trust what is uncovered for you to see, it is a glimpse from the Universe of what is going well and what isn’t. Let things fall away from your life that aren’t working, don’t cling, I know that can be challenging but this is the portal of seeing the truth, staying curious and making it into an adventure to alter what needs to be changed.
This eclipse is also square Jupiter and so what you see and feel will be bigger than life! It’s fanning the fires of Sagittarius to make this a hot hot one! Plus Mercury is slowing down and getting ready to go into his retrograde rest on May 30th as Venus passes him up. This all portends that it will be very important to breathe and watch your words and thoughts as they could surprise you with how righteous they are. Also bring extra compassion and awareness to the game so that you can dodge other people’s fire-tipped arrows that could be flying.
The arrow of the Archer of Sagittarius gives us the desire to find a target to aim our energy and this eclipse can reveal that target. Stay present in the energy as it has that gift for us no matter the uncomfortableness. Sagittarius is resilient and optimistic and always finds a trail through the deep tangles of life. The Gemini Sun shines inquisitiveness on all this so above all else stay curious and playful Earthlings!