ASTROLOGY: Full Moon in Scorpio is a call for transformation

By Madame Dana Zia
The Full Moon in Scorpio beams her energy on us on April 26th at 8:30 pm PST. She is known as the “Pink Moon” and is a supermoon that we will all feel to a greater or lesser degree. This Moon has some edges that are designed to bring up issues of self-worth and that inner harsh critic but is ultimately about transformation of our shadows into compost so we can grow our garden of delight.

Supermoons are closer to the Earth than most and so makes the energy of her more potent. This one is in the sign of Scorpio beaming Taurus sunlight on us. In Taurus, there are 4 powerful planets lined up with the Sun — Uranus, Venus and Mercury — creating a formidable line of bulls that mean business. They are pushing us, with horns down, to let go of sacrificing ourselves for all the wrong reasons. What was tolerable before now seems like bitter weeds to swallow. With a swish of their tails, they invite us to greener pastures where we can chew on yummy wildflowers and soak up the quiet. But to get there, we need to walk through a dark uncomfortable tunnel.
Full Moons illuminate that which is usually hidden in the shadows and with Venus, Mercury and Uranus in Taurus, the shadows that might moooove forward are the ones about our personal and collective value that we need to change. This uncomfortableness is all about bringing change so we can feel honored and valued with our love and communication.
Don’t look outside of yourself, look inside! How people treat you is how you allow them to treat you, and ultimately, how you treat yourself. I know it is uncomfortable and Taurus HATES that feeling but they love pleasure even more. It takes a bit of honest inventory to process what needs to change, then that opens your life to much more delight! This is the dance of the combination of Taurus and Scorpio :face the dark, process brings transformation, then joy and flowers (and maybe some grapes.)
So, look within yourself this Full Supermoon and spend some very valuable time feeling where you find discomfort and write it down, even if you jot a few notes down. There will be some resistance to do this but you can do hard stuff. I know you can. It takes way more energy to keep being uncomfortable. The light of the Moon will be your guide toward creating the shift, you will feel it! Don’t think too hard, feeeeeel your way through the tunnel.
With Saturn squaring the Moon and Sun, you will get a plan for a new structure to support building new garden beds and plant the seeds of what reality you want to grow in your garden of delight. This is a crossroads that can bring you to a powerful decision if you head the call of the life loving bulls to the greener pastures.