ASTROLOGY: Full Moon in Taurus – October 31, 2020

By Madame Dana Zia
At dawn on Halloween morning the Full Moon in Taurus will shine down on us. This is so exciting to FINALLY get a Full Moon on Halloween in my lifetime! The last one was in 1944! Not only is it full on Halloween but it is a rare Blue Moon. This is very auspicious and powerful! Everyone is asking me…..what is going to happen? Shall we party (safely) or run and hide?

We all are starkly aware of the political polarizing battle going on across the USA right now. That combined with this volatile and destructive year, we are all a bit jumpy. (For a good reason!) This Full Moon definitely falls easily into that unpredictable category as it is conjunct Uranus — the planet of the unexpected, unplanned and uncontrollable. It is the only planet in the Solar System that has its axis running East to West opposed to North to South like all the rest of them. It rotates on its side and the opposite of the other planets (except Venus who rotates backwards too.) These unusual aspects of Uranus have given it the reputation as a rebel planet that encourages, and even requires, change to everything it touches.

Time and time again when I see Uranus in a major transit in people’s charts, I see change come into their lives. When Uranus transited my chart in a big splashy way back in 2016, I changed both my career and residence in very bewildering and sudden circumstances. The change was needed and the outcome was very good but it certainly was a wild ride! The intent of Uranus is to notice patterns that are stuck in a loop and then produce change by unexpected and surprising ways. Uranus transits can be a time of excitement and adventure if one stays open to change.

With this Full Moon conjunct Uranus, there might be some surprising twists to it but they are what’s needed to produce the changes right now. With it happening in Taurus, opposing the Scorpio Sun, the changes that we might experience are in deep internal transformation and Earthly security and comfort. Now, that is a GUESS as anytime Uranus is involved, we don’t know what it going to happen!

I do know that this Moon is going to be a most excellent time to spend time in ritual and setting intentions for what sort of beauty and transformation that we want to bring into our lives. It is also a POWERFUL time to connect with and honor your ancestors! The veils between the worlds are thin and illuminated with the Full Moon.

Taurus is a devotee to Earthly pleasures and beauty. Scorpio is a devotee to edge walking and transformation. Uranus is the wildcard that can help open up resources and avenues in order to transform ugly messes into beauty. Open your mind, your heart and your hands into receptivity and see what sort of change you can bring to your life, radiating from within to out to our country. These are interesting times that we will not lightly forget. Don’t forget to live them. (And don’t forget to VOTE!)