ASTROLOGY: Full Moon in Taurus on November 19th

By Madame Dana Zia
This is a very special Full Moon taking place in Taurus and visiting the star cluster Pleiades. It is the longest partial Lunar Eclipse in 580 years and the longest of this century at six hours total with the visible eclipse lasting 3 hours, 28 minutes. Even though it is considered “partial” at 97.4 percent, it is as close as it gets to a Total Lunar Eclipse in influence and visuals. (I sure wish we had clear skies here in the PNW to see it!)

Eclipses in astrology are seen as powerful portals for seeing your life from a different perspective. It’s a little like when you have a friend or family member visit and as you show them around your life and home, you suddenly see your life through their eyes. It can be very revealing to see what you need to change and also for how good you really got it! Eclipses tend to reveal both the light and the shadow.
The star cluster Pleiades is where many indigenous people call home. In the creation chant of the people of Hawaii, the Kumulipo, they say that they came from the Pleiades to the Earth. With this powerful Eclipse happening there, I believe it is an opportunity to “phone home”. This Eclipse portal has a message for you from the Mother Ship if you tune in to receive it!
With the Full Moon in Taurus and the Sun in Scorpio, this is also about intimate connections, which starts with your relationship with yourself. It is perfect for enhancing self-worth and deepening your commitment to caring better for yourself and your other primary relationships.
You are doing so much better than you think, so be gentle to yourself. Remind yourself of all your victories and achievements, love yourself through whatever has crossed your path, and be kind to yourself. As you extend this love towards yourself, you will find your heart opening up to all those around you. You don’t have to allow boundary smashers in your life, but you can have compassion for everyone.
It’s worth keeping in mind that Eclipses tend to put us where we need to be, so trust in the flow. Open your eyes and ears to what this powerful Full Moon Eclipse is here to reveal to you. There is definitely magic sprinkling down on us from this one!