ASTROLOGY: Full Moon In Virgo 2021

By Madame Dana Zia
The Earthy Virgo Full Moon is at 100% luminosity at 12:17 am on February 27th, bringing with it the last of winter’s quiet time. This Moon is called the “snow Moon” for a reason and this year we feel it with the unfriendly cold weather making us all long for that sunny beach we didn’t get to go to. As much as we want to run away and find Vitamin D somewhere, the true source of power for this Full Moon is deep inside of us.

Virgo is a sign that is commonly misunderstood as a bespectacled librarian that will hiss at you for being inappropriate but is very very good at her job. While some of this is true, Virgos are very very good at their jobs, there is a lot that is being lost in this interpretation. Virgos, in truth, are the keepers of the energy lines of the Earth. Their job, which they take very seriously, is to keep the tangles out of Earth’s energy so that we can all function at all levels. They are deeply devotional and committed to whatever they focus on.
I recommend starting this Full Moon off by creating a ritual of deep caring for yourself. Maybe a long hot bath filled with scented salts and candles lit. Drink LOTS of water, eat healthy and spend some quiet time with yourself. This Moon is about deeply nourishing yourself and taking an oath to yourself to do more of that. Purify your energy and body in the way that calls you to prepare for the strong burst of energy that is about to seize us at Spring Equinox. This is the last Full Moon of the winter so in.
This Moon is involved with a Saturn Uranus square that gives us the desire to toss the baby out with the bathwater but breathe and slow down. We are given the opportunity to devote ourselves to something that is near and dear to our hearts in this full Moon window. Choose wisely. Virgo is about tending our scared inner temples, tidying them up and lighting candles of devotion upon them.