ASTROLOGY: Full Moon Madness!!

By Madame Dana Zia
Today the Moon catches up with Saturn for her once a month conjunction in Capricorn for the full Moon. Pluto is also in the mix and with 6 planets retrograde so this is gonna be a hot hot hot one! On top of all that, it is a partial lunar eclipse; eclipses magnify the energy that is happening in the solar system, so keep a level head!
One of the first lessons that a budding astrologer is taught is to observe your life in conjunction with the planetary cycles. I have noticed over the years of doing this that whenever Saturn and the Moon are conjunct, I can experience intense emotions around responsibility, self-worth and guilt. It is like clockwork! When the Moon and Saturn are in Capricorn, which is a sign that is family, goal and work oriented, I predominantly experience these emotions around those subjects.

With this Full Moon casting its light on Saturn, she is definitely out shining Saturn tonight and giving us all her mothering grace to change some rules we consider “the law” in our lives. What “laws” or judgments are outdated in your life? What negativity can you transform into a positive outcome?
With Pluto in the mix these issues that are coming up can feel like the end of the world! Dark skeletons may be rattling out of the carefully closed closets in regard to all the above subjects that make us shake in our boots.
My suggestion is to refrain from harsh judgements of others and blow ups. This is not the time to bring difficult issues up or ask for a raise or promotion as it could result in a difficult situation that is hard to negotiate. Write down everything you are experiencing and leave it there till the energy settles down. These issues need addressing so don’t forget them! Just wait till Mercury goes direct the end of the month to address them.
If they do come up, please be kind to those around you and to yourself. Walks in nature and taking time to breathe and release are of great value right now.
Tonight is an excellent night to get out in nature and observe the Saturn/Moon conjunction with your very own eyes. If the Moon is too bright to see Lord Saturn, block her out with your hand and look for him. The Moon will rise before Saturn and will be following a little behind her and to the left. While gazing at this glorious ancient show, breathe and let go of any old laws and judgments that no longer serve you!