ASTROLOGY: Full Moon, Partial Eclipse Time for Brain Cleanse

By Madame Dana Zia
The Full Moon in Gemini arrived in the very early morning hours, 1:29am PT on November 30, on the wings of an owl. It is a Full Moon with a partial eclipse that is opening up the eclipse window that will close with the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Sagittarius on December 15th. Eclipses never happen all by themselves; they come in either pairs or trios and they help us to see things in our lives that we need to see in order to alter the course of things.
The owl is the perfect totem for this Full Moon eclipse as Gemini is a mutable air sign that is so changeable that it is like the breeze that rolls off the owls wings as they fly silently through the night. Plus with this Full Moon being an eclipse, you’ll be seeing things in the dark that perhaps you didn’t want to, particularly to do with what you’re thinking.

This Moon is the perfect timing to set up a two week brain cleanse. We all talk often about how we cleanse our bodies and our lives, but how often do we talk about a brain cleanse? Our busy bee brains think about 20,000 thoughts a day that are completely unmanaged. Most of us have old thoughts that we decided were true loooonnnng ago and still use as an underlying program but they are no longer useful.
I suggest using this two week window to take 5 mins a day and write down what you are feeling. You will quickly notice a pattern to your thinking. These thoughts create a “spin cycle” that we get stuck in. After you learn your thoughts that dominate your thinking, then pick a believable thought to replace them with. It won’t work if you go from a very negative thought to a super positive one. For example; “I am so unlovable!” to “Everyone loves and accepts me all the time!” Your brain won’t believe it. Pick a neutral thought to bridge over like, “I am loved by ______” and name a few people or fur friends. This gets your brain out of the negative spin cycles and plants new seeds for your thoughts to be ones you choose opposed to ones that you don’t want.
Please don’t judge yourself for all your thoughts you discover you’ve been thinking repeatedly. Our brains are largely unmanaged and are a bit like a feral child. Be very very kind to yourself and guide your feral brain like you would that child, with love and patience.
In two weeks, there is a Solar eclipse on the Sagittarius New Moon that will be very powerful and a great time to water your new seedling thoughts. After all, Sagittarius is about opening new horizons and meaningful quests so a prime time to implement your new thoughts!