ASTROLOGY: Gemini Full Moon, December 18, 2021

By Madame Dana Zia
The very last Full Moon of the 2021 dances in today, December 18th at 8:34pm PST. Historically it is called the “Cold Moon” and is in the mercurial sign of Gemini. This Moon has a special sparkly energy to it as it is shining across from what is believed to be Galactic center and singing holiday carols (and drinking hot coco) with Jupiter.

With this Full Moon in Gemini, the sign of song and dance and the Sun in the party sign of Sagittarius there is a little extra good cheer to go around. Jupiter is also involved with this pleasurable Full Moon so the energy is burgeoning with merriment! Jupiter expands anything he is involved with so beware of over-indulgence as that will be at the top of the agenda if you don’t exercise a bit of restraint. Yet, this Moon is filled with high spirits that will give a lift to the end of this complicated year. (Who doesn’t need that??)
The day after the fun filled Full Moon, it is time to get down to business. Venus, the planet of love, relationships, receiving and pleasure, goes retrograde for 6 weeks in Capricorn. She only goes retrograde every 18 months and since she is so close to Earth, her retrogrades are particularly powerful. Venus’ retrogrades bring up all the issues in her arena that need curating. On top of that, this retrograde Venus is conjoined with Pluto and that exponentially intensifies the energy of it.
Let’s unwrap that: Venus in Capricorn has a very practical and grounded energy to her. She is resourceful and can move mountains to manifest anything she sets her mind on. One of her greatest goals is to be secure and financially set. When Venus goes retrograde in Capricorn conjunct Pluto, this can unveil areas where we need to get more responsible and skilled with our resources. (How’s that savings account?)
It can also be a time where we suddenly see things in our relationships that we really would rather not. Issues that have been skulking around in the shadows suddenly lunge forward and demand attention. This can make or break relationships that have been tittering on the brink for a while, depending on how you handle it. Try dropping the ego, listening and being an adult and Venus retrograde in Capricorn will assist you in transforming your relationships to a higher octave.
Enjoy the festive Full Moon then commit to stepping up your game to your responsibilities and goals. This Venus retrograde is perfectly timed so that we close out 2021 with the opportunity to transform our relationships with money, pleasure and people to a more sparkly future.