ASTROLOGY: Happy New Years from the Stars!

By Madame Dana Zia
2019 looks to be another interesting year that starts out in a very positive light! The year opens with the Quadrantid Meteor shower that peeks on January 4th. We most likely won’t see it with our cloudy skies but if the sky miraculously clears up, get out and see some blazing stars! This shower opens up the New Year to magical opportunities, if we seek them.

Then we are blessed with a partial lunar eclipse with the New Moon on January 5th in the solid and dependable sign of Capricorn. This New Moon eclipse unlocks what we star geeks call the eclipse window. Then the eclipse window will end with a mighty showing of a full lunar eclipse that is visible in all of North America on the night of January 20th, finishing in the wee hours of the 21st.
This Capricorn New Moon is an excellent time to take inventory of our lives and re-organize and re-structure it. It is an excellent opening to assess what is working in your life and what isn’t. The primary focus of this inventory and re-organization is in the material world such as work, transportation, homes, finances, and other earthly bonds that make living on Earth possible.
Questions to pose are: Do I enjoy my work, home, school, transportation and finances? If not, set an intention(s) to change it. What does that look like and how can the “P word” (planning) help you achieve your goals? I know this sounds insurmountable but the eclipse window is open till the Full Moon Eclipse on January 20th, so you have some time to envision your earthly future. This doesn’t mean you need to make all these changes in that time, but it is an excellent opportunity to clearly see what needs a tune-up and to schedule it.
A very favorable star wind is blowing to help fill your sails for making good progress on your re-organization from January 6 to March 5th when all planets are marching forward. Not one planet goes retrograde during that period, so a great time to make tractions on those tune-ups.
Did you find that 2018 passed like a lightning bolt?? I know that is how I feel. So this year, starting on the New Moon, I’m going to start a gratitude jar. Grab whatever jar you have, a quart or even better a gallon jar, and set a goal to add a note to it every few days with the date and something that you are grateful for.
Gratitude is what makes the glass half full and reminds you that you have enough and are enough. Remarkable things might start to happen! It is a proven fact that focusing on the positive, makes more positive happen. Add little notes to the jar over the year, then when you dump it out at the end of the year, you will actually get to read about your journey this year and all the gifts of it.
Happy New Year’s starry friends! May you find more gratitude this year!