ASTROLOGY: Harvest Full Moon in Aries 2020 – The call to higher consciousness and forgiving the unforgivable.

By Madame Dana Zia
October starts off with a blue Moon in the sign of Aries. It occurs on October 1st at 2:05 pm PT and is the first Full Moon of the month and the second one is going to be on Halloween! (Can I get a wolf howl here?) This Full Moon is going to be a very interesting one as it is conjunct the asteroid Chiron, which represents the wounded healer.

Chiron is classified as a “Centaur” which is half dwarf planet and half comet. Its discovery in 1977 created quite a stir in both the Astrological and Astronomy communities. Since it is a Centaur, it was named after one of the most famous mythological centaurs, Chiron. He was a healer extraordinaire for the Gods with a wound that would not heal. This wound drove him to study healing even more and try everything to heal himself. The wound was unhealable and when he finally understood this, he made peace with it. Everyone of us has an unmastered and unhealable wound that will be triggered during this Moon in order for us to make peace with it.
This Aries Full Moon, which is the sign of the pulse of life and about the thrill of being alive. Aries is strong, courageous, lives from the heart, and laughs out loud. It is also the sign of the warrior that is the defender of the small and what is right. When it is in its shadowy element, it can be aggressive, impatient and angry! Aries is ruled by the planet Mars, which is retrograde right now in Aries and square Saturn in Capricorn, which is the planet of organization, judgment and boundaries.
So now to put it all together, this Full Moon has the potential to be angry, judgmental and combative that rubs salt in the old wounds but it also has the mighty power to cut through this and bring deep healing in a wounded world. This Moon is the call to becoming the warrior of love and kindness, no matter what. Be brave and forgive the unforgivable, particularly in ourselves. This is the ultimate warrior act of kindness. Our culture is toxic with hate right now and the concept of “bad others”. It stems from the seemingly unhealable wound of self-hatred that we ultimately all carry within ourselves. This is what is being illuminated with this Moon so we can recognize it and change it.
So my dear ones, this highly charged Full Moon calls forth a project of self-love, strength and forgiveness for all of us. (Aries loves a project!) Do your inner work and the things that center you like meditate, breathe and walk in nature so you don’t get sucked into the drama of division. We have the mission to stay in the vibration of love warriors and unite together in this energy. Let’s channel this love and tolerance out into the world. Become warriors of light and love. The world desperately needs this!