ASTROLOGY: Here it is! The Last Full Moon of the Decade Folks!

By Madame Dana Zia
The last Full Moon of the decade is today December 11th at 9:12 pm PT. It is also the last Full Moon before the New Moon Eclipse in Capricorn on Christmas day which is going to be interesting! This Full Moon promises to be a bit of a roller-coaster ride with lots of dramatic twist and turns, so buckle up buttercup!

It will take place in the mercurial and airy sign of Gemini that seeks to be the eternally young rogue with no rules. This Moon wants and desires to be a rainbow fliting about with no agenda but to make people smile. This however is no laughing matter in this situation, as there is a grand alignment happening in Capricorn over on the other side of the Solar System. (Ominous music building here.) Capricorn is the opposite of Gemini in every way, it is serious, dedicated, sensible and a micro manager. No matter how playful this Full Moon wishes to be, it is weighted down by an atmosphere of the end of governments, civilization and the world as we know it.
Jupiter moved into Capricorn on Dec 2nd adding its vastness and weight to the growing crowd of planets there and I believe we can all feel it. This large convergence in Capricorn will continue throughout most of 2020 so it will be the grinding and crunching effect of a glacier changing the landscape under its immense weight. This alignment will mostly affect Capricorns, Cancers, Aries and Libras but will also make interesting changes in all the things it rules such as government, business, authority, values and politics.
Astrologers have seen this very intense and powerful Capricorn assembly coming for years now, and have been rubbing our starry hands together in anticipation and curiosity. What is going to happen when there is a large gathering of planets in a sign that rules civilization, structure and socio-economics? The last time this happened was in 1894 BC was when Babylon was birthed!
On a personal level, this is an enormously influential time to restructure the parts of our lives that no longer serve us. If your life falls apart this year, it is because it needed to. Preemptive strike is a good idea that can start with this Full Moon by examining the weaknesses in your life and prepare to release them. Get a plan, Capricorn loves plans and they will be rewarded during this next year.
To add to the discomfort of this Full Moon, Neptune is squaring the Moon and Sun to give it all a mystical feel like when you walk in a thick fog. It is beautiful but it requires us to slow down and feel our way through this time when all we want to do is go fast! But believe me, the best advice during this Full Moon is not to go fast. Proceed with careful and thoughtful steps in the direction you have chosen. (Oh, important safety tip, be sure and pick a direction or Neptune energy will make it even more confusing.) Choose your words and actions wisely with your loved ones as the energy is hot and relationship strife can manifest with unconscious actions.
We have a very powerful year ahead of us and this Full Moon is a perfect time for a collective deep inhale to get our directions and plans aligned. Take inventory of the parts of your life that aren’t working, that you keep duck taping together and get an exit strategy going. It is also an enormously beautiful time to take one hour of your time and honor the last decade of Full Moons and all they have brought to us. The Moon in Gemini tells us that we must always leave room for dialogue. Keep talking. Keep listening. Keep an open mind. We will need it in this following year.