ASTROLOGY: Highly charged New Moon event today!

By Madame Dana Zia

A volatile New Moon in Cancer happens today at 10 degrees. A New Moon, is when the Moon catches up with the Sun and for a few days, is blocked by the Sun from our vision. New Moons are powerful times to reboot and rebirth from month to month. This year’s Cancer New Moon however is a horse of a different color! She is happening during a partial Solar Eclipse and will be followed 2 weeks later by a Lunar Eclipse at 24 degrees Cancer. This is the opening of the summer Eclipse season!

Solar eclipses only happen during New Moons when both the Sun and Moon are in the same astrological sign, making it a very significant time to pay attention to the lessons and energy of that sign, particularly if that sign is dominant in your natal chart such as the Sun, Moon or Rising sign in Cancer and in the sign across from it, Capricorn. Solar eclipses amplify the energy of this New Moon making it a dark Moon that really FEELS instead of tip toeing in on fairy slippers like most New Moons.
The reason this New Moon is more highly charged than most is that opposing it is Saturn conjunct the South Node that is causing a bumpy ride that is triggering all kinds of old baggage to fall out of the carefully packed luggage compartment and on our heads. So what are Cancer and Capricorn about?
I like to call Cancers the mother hens of the galaxy. They love to nurture and provide for their inner circles. Cancer is one of the most sensitive and feeling of signs and is centered right in the heart chakra. They take everything to heart and can get their feelings hurt very easily and then….. they get a bit crabby.
I like to call Capricorns the fathers of the galaxy that take everything seriously, particularly their responsibilities. They are determined and goal oriented with the wellbeing of their tribe placed squarely on their shoulders. They are not to be crossed and can be quite stern and unforgiving.
The similarities these two signs have are that they both are very caring and feeling signs that are devoted to their tribes and uber responsible. If you have a Cancer/Capricorn as a close friend or family member, you can be guaranteed that they will protect you and care for you with their life.
So what are the lessons of Cancer Capricorn in the Eclipse new Moon? This means old lessons and baggage around home, family and responsibilities are coming up. These lessons are teaching us we learn how to balance our sense of responsibility and our emotional needs. What are you taking to heart that you do not need to? What responsibilities are you shouldering that you don’t have to?
This year, the Sun is symbolically ‘swallowed’ by the Moon while Saturn conjoins the South Node – a possibly heavy and conflict laden moment in time where reality bites and hardship comes to test our mettle. A potentially sobering influence – no doubt – but also great for making concrete plans that will generate future rewards.
If you find yourself strongly triggered over the next week or so just hold back and take a breath before taking action or speaking out. Let it calm down and spend time in meditation to find your true center as this time it is easy to get yanked off our centers! Our ability to process deep emotions and meet our responsibilities or true needs is under the cosmic microscope now especially if you have planets in Cancer/Capricorn or Aries/Libra. You may see tense flashpoints that bring new beginnings to accelerate your growth. Be kind to yourself first, and then to those you share your life with.