ASTROLOGY: June 14 – Explore the Planets with Mother Bear

By Madame Dana Zia, Mother Bear

Hello everyone! These next few weeks are pretty quiet in the stars so I thought it might be good to give an overview into the basics of Astrology so that you can understand what I ramble on about here on Mother Bear Astrology. To start with, let’s go back to 4th grade science class where we learned about the solar system.

As we all know, we have a central star — the Sun — that all the planets in our wee system revolve around. There are 4 planets that are “relatively” close to the Sun and that are (In order) Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars. These planets go around the Sun fairly fast with Mercury earning its quicksilver name by revolving around the Sun in only 88 days.  Lovely Venus takes 224 days, the serene Earth is 365 days and fiery Mars brings up the rear by taking 487 days to revolve around the Sun.  In astrology, we call these your personal planets as they affect us greatly.

Now because these planets are so close to the Earth, in Astrology we consider their travels to be very influential on us wee beings here on this blue marble.  Even more influential to Earthlings is our beautiful moon that in light years is very close to us. She rules the comings and goings of the tides so you can image how she greatly affects us! Knowing where your moon was at your birth and every day is one of the key things you can tune into, to knowing more about the effects of her gracious being on us.  The moon moves through an astrological sign every 2.5 days and orbits the sun in more or less 30 days. That is FAST! What sign she was in at your birth is considered more important than where your Sun sign is.

The next planet that is closest to the Sun is the jovial and immense Jupiter. Now Jupiter orbits the Sun every 12 years. That is much slower than the inner 4 planets and the moon! But Jupiter is still considered to have a strong effect on our Astrology but the next planet out, the ringed wonder Saturn, takes 29 years to revolve around the Earth and is considered to influence us less. Out from there we have what we call the “transpersonal planets” since their influence is less; Uranus which takes 84 years, Neptune that takes 165 years and last but not least the erratic Pluto that takes 248 years to orbit the Sun. You can see why we see their influence as being less dramatic on our lives and births.

As an Astrologer, I look at how each of these planetary bodies are interacting with Earth and how they are dancing together to see what we might be expecting to experience here and how to navigate it.

I’m going to give you all a personal assignment if you want to play along. Look up what sign the Moon was in at your birth. Here is a website with a Moon calculator that makes it easy to figure it out. .  It will ask for your birthdate, place and time. If you don’t have your time, don’t worry, just put in a time that might be close to your birth time. After you figure out what your Moon sign is, search on the web for what it means to have that moon sign and prepared to be amazed! Enjoy and have fun learning more about yourself through the stars!

I am available for Astrological readings to help you learn more about yourself and your personal map of the stars that is imprinted on you. Contact me at for readings and questions.