Astrology – June 30: Madame Zia – Sign of Cancer

By Madame Dana Zia

The sun moved into Cancer on June 20th and will be there until July 20th when it will move into Leo. People born in the month of Cancer are gentle folk who love their family and tribe unconditionally. They are the nurturers of the astrological wheel and givers of life. The proverbial mother hen of the galaxy. They love a group, be it family or tribe that they associate with to love, embrace and nurture. They are willing to give give give, if they are appreciated. But if they are not honored as the great nurturer that they are, then they can become fragile and overcome with sadness as they are very emotional beings.

Cautious by nature, the Cancerian enjoys their home life and domestic chores are soothing for them. They are capable creatures and can always manifest the resources they need, particularly in the arena of their home and family. They are also generally very talented at everything to do with home, from making it cozy to creating beautiful meals that nourishes people from their souls to their bodies.

Cancer people’s feelings run deep and strong like a mighty river and these feelings are a force to reckon with. . Cancers are tender of heart and consequently feel everyone’s pain and pleasures as their own and empathy is one of their super powers. Sometimes is it hard for the Cancerian person to know where their feelings start and other’s begin. It is important to cleanse yourself energetically often in order to keep order in your life as other people’s stuff can confuse and spin you out.

This tender hearted soul is prone to being bruised by life and can get their feeling hurt very easily making them temperamental and moody. It is important for a cancer to find peace in life by practicing the art of not taking things personally and not to take the stand as a victim. This is easier said than done, but the more proficient you become at it the better life will shine for you.

If you are Cancer, learn to trust your very deep skill of feeling and feel your way through life. This skill will never fail you. To nourish a healthy life, Cancers would be wise to take time every day to feel their emotions and act accordingly. Also a physical workout of some sort, particularly in nature, like an invigorating hike, does wonders to get the Cancer out of the bog.

During this month of Cancer, emotions run high! Understand that everything you feel, you will feel on steroids during this time because not only is the Sun in Cancer but so is Mars and Mercury. Plus this group of planets in Cancer are opposed by Pluto this month which brings a double dose of intensity to Cancer. You could say that your feelings are super charged! Take time to breathe and understand the maelstrom of emotions before you blast anyone with your insides. Also take note that if you are feeling weepy and sad, it too shall pass. This is, however, a great time to see what emotions you have been hiding in a deep secret cave and take responsibility for them.