Astrology: Jupiter in Scorpio, October 16th

By Madame Dana Zia
Jupiter is called the year planet because it moves through one astrological sign every year. In fact Chinese astrology is based on Jupiter’s journey through the stars. Jupiter just moved into Scorpio after spending a year in Libra. With Jupiter transitioning into Scorpio 15 days before the Sun does on the 22nd, the energy of Scorpio start a bit earlier than usual this year. Jupiter tends to exaggerate and expand anything he touches; bringing more power to any sign that he is residing in.

For example, the day Jupiter moved into Scorpio, October 10th, the wildfires of California took off to greedily consume everything in their path. Let’s face it, even though Scorpio is a water sign, it is charged with the energy of fire that makes it a very hot sign. In fact, I’ve heard it described as hot liquid lava, pulsing and consuming everything in its path to make new earth. And like out of control wildfire, if Scorpio is unbalanced it will hungrily consume everything in its path leaving no possible chance of life to continue as normal. It will transform through death and destruction reducing all to ash.
On the other hand, this is very cleansing. The ash and destruction of yesterday transform into new life in the spring that is fueled with the fertile ground of the lessons and letting go that the fire brought. Fire is a powerful ally that bring seeds of life to spring open that would otherwise lay dormant.
With Jupiter’s transit into Scorpio until November 8th 2018, we have the opportunity this year to let go of the old rotting fruit in our lives and let them transform into new life that is green and lush. Take a look back to what you were doing 12 years ago (and 12 years ago and 12 years ago…) when Jupiter was in Scorpio and see what your life pattern is during this transit. What major transformation or death and rebirth happened in your life at that time? The snake is shedding its skin. It may not be pretty but it is time for us to personally and collectively take responsibility for the parts of our lives that need to be released and given up for transformation.