ASTROLOGY: Jupiter squaring Neptune

By Madame Dana Zia
The light footed Gemini Sun is in opposing Jupiter and squaring Neptune today, June 10th. One of the more significant planetary cycles of 2019 is the powerful dynamic square (90 degree) between Jupiter and Neptune and for the next few days, the Sun is illuminating this.
In astrology, we put a lot of significance on the inner planets, Venus, Mercury, and Mars, in your personal birth chart. They all go round the Sun fairly fast, Mercury 88 days, Venus 225 days and Mars in 687 days. Jupiter however takes 12 years to orbit the Sun, and Saturn takes 30 years! That’s a big difference. So from Jupiter on out, we value the big outer planets more for how they are interacting in your chart. When big outer planets have an interaction with each other, it affects us all, but some more than others depending on where this alignment sets in your personal birth chart.

Jupiter and Neptune are doing the square dance this year. That means that they are in a 90 degree angle with each other for most of the year with primary dates being Jan 13th, June 16th and the last one is September 21st 2019. This is a powerful and interesting dance.
Jupiter and Neptune share a spacious view of the world and a desire to bring true meaning into our lives. They aim for something outside of our ordinary awareness. Jupiter’s focus, particularly in Sagittarius, is more on the expansion of the Self through a pursuit of meaning and truth whereas Neptune’s role, particularly in Pisces, is to inspire us to break free of the boundaries of the limitations of this material world and the individual Self. Jupiter’s expansive and buoyant nature gives a boost to Neptune’s inspiration to expand the inner spiritual heart. Sounds interesting huh?
With Jupiter and Neptune squaring with each other, which is a dynamic aspect that creates a tension between the two, this can be a marvelous opportunity for creativity, inner seeking and imagination to swell and blossom. But there is a caveat, we find ourselves struggling to make the time to let this happen. We can easily get caught up in the delusion that everything else is more important!
The other possibility that we may experience is that we can get caught up in the grand illusion that we could possibly rule the world! Or at the very least, start a high level business or build a grand house, that are both WAY out of our budget. And better yet, let’s do them at the same time! This is the perfect transit to get our feet swept away, right out from under us and sensible decisions get swept down the river with us.
This is also a powerful time for us collectively. It is a period of expansive and new consciousness and envisioning truth… We have the calling to make a better world; it is a constant thread of conversation globally. Just turn on the news and there is every reason to do so!
If you’ve been wanting to start painting, writing, building furniture, or anything creative this is the time to let that happen. If you can envision inner and outer peace, this is the time to do so. Commit to 10-15 minutes every day to take time just to daydream up the dream. It’s not long and it will be extremely beneficial right now. Are we the dream or the dreamer?