ASTROLOGY: Listen to the internal tides during this New Moon

By Madame Dana Zia
New Moon in Pisces flows in with the tide at 2:35 am on March 13th. This is a dreamy New Moon that has the capacity to fill your heart and soul with creativity and beauty but also with forgetfulness. We have a support group of Pisces devotees, Venus and Neptune, gathered with the Moon and Sun to bring this energy in.
In order to fully understand what a beautiful unusual combination this is, I must explain a few things. Pisces is an adaptable Water sign, an ever-changing sea of emotions. It’s the last sign of the zodiac, the place where the lines that divide and define us fade away. This is the sign of the mystic poet and a creative pursuit gives Pisces form in their flowing world. Through art, music, poetry and aesthetics Pisces brings bit of heaven down to Earth for the benefit of everyone.

Venus is a close kindred planet to Earth that takes 225 days to go around the Sun. She a lovely blue plant that embodies beauty, love and desire in astrology. Venus loves the sign of Pisces because it is resonate with many things she represents.
Neptune, who takes 165 years to orbit the Sun, and is considered the ruler of Pisces. She is like Venus’ big sister who loves all the things Venus does but with slightly more grown up tastes. She is the keeper of ancient wisdom, mysticism, illusion and fantasy. So this beautiful New Moon in Pisces has Venus and Neptune there intensifying all this dreamy, beautiful energy.
New Moons are excellent times to start a new cycle and this one is particularly fertile to soak your seeds of creativity and listen to your internal tides. Is there an old grudge you’ve been holding that is wearing calluses on your heart? This New Moon is a beautiful ocean to release this into.
It is also such a powerful space to deeply listen. Listen to yourself, your body, your partner, your family and friends. How often do we really slow down to the pace of the tides moving in and out to listen? This listening will reveal beautiful and deep things in which to nourish and cleanse in this New Moon cycle.